3 Ways To Save On Toddler Clothing

If you’re anything like me, you love to shop for your toddlers! Every time you pass a store filled with cute clothing for your little ones, you can’t help but pay that store a visit. After all, they’re targeting YOU mama! They want you to feel invited, so that you can spend, spend, spend. At the same time, if we have anything else in common, it would be the need to save! Which is why I put together a short list of things you can do BEFORE your next shopping trip.

Let’s face it, we end up spending way more than we intend to. Not just because the children’s clothes are so precious, but someone always wants a cookie or a pretzel, or multiple rides on the train in the middle of the mall, or lunch- and by the time you leave the mall, it’s time for your afternoon iced latte! Multiple transactions go on throughout our shopping trip, that we don’t even realize all the money we’ve spent until we get home. Here’s a few helpful tasks for you to save on toddler clothing:

  1. Prepare a list! One of the first things I do before leaving the house is scoping my children’s closets. Not only does it help me to organize their clothes, but it also helps me to prioritize for the things that they are in need of versus the items that can wait for a later trip. Let’s face it ladies, this next trip to the mall won’t be our last! 
  2. Have a budget and stick to it! Now that I know exactly what I’m looking for when I visit the mall, I can give myself a figure on how much I’m willing to spend on each item, or for my transactions as a whole. If my son only needs a few pair of pants, or my daughter a few tops for this trip, then there’s no way I’m walking out of any store spending over $100 for a few items. 
  3. Let go and save it for later! This used to be a huge deal for me! I used to see something and hold on to it and by the time I got to the register, I would throw it in the pile anyway; knowing good and well, my kids didn’t really need it. When we prioritize our shopping list, it’s for the sake of saving and not going overboard. It’s ok to put that shirt down, or that dress with the glitter pockets, or those shoes that they won’t need until months down the road. Those items will be there for you when you’re ready- and if they’re not, buy them online! Look at it this way, by the time you visit the store again, that item may be on sale. So put it down! Move on and go enjoy your latte.  

As you all know, I’m a huge fan of the Children’s Place! The biggest reason is because of their amazing sales and fantastic deals! I used to shy away from this place because it seemed a little overwhelming for me once I walked in. I always thought I would end up spending way too much than I really had to; but once I learned that they are almost, always having some spectacular savings event going on, I just dived right into the scheme of things. It’s a really great store to save on toddler’s clothing.

Shopping for two toddlers, both of the opposite gender can be challenging at times for one’s pockets and we can easily go over our budget, especially when the clothes are so darn cute! I’ve learned to write shopping lists for both kids. I always ask myself “What does this one need RIGHT NOW?’ and “What can wait until later?” This keeps my head above waters and makes my shopping experience a bit more precise.

Did I mention Place Cash? If you sign up for Children’s Place rewards program, you are automatically enrolled to receive cash back to use on your next purchase. So again, I use this tactic for whatever my kids may need right now and use the Place Cash later down the line for what could wait. My first purchase may include a few tops for both kids, or a few pair of pants (depending on what’s on sale); while the next purchase may consists of the opposite. The second purchase saves me even more money, being that I may catch another sale and use my Place cash. Cha-ching! I feel so accomplished after shopping here. I purchased these pair of basic denim and this super cute, screen tee for a little under ten bucks! Who knew ten bucks could get your kid to look so stylish?

Not a member yet? Sign up today! Basic denim, screen tees, and many more items are on sale, plus free shipping or free pickup in your local store.

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.**

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