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Easy Tips For A More Productive Day As A WFHM/SAHM- Plus Free Printable

Easy Tips For A More Productive Day As A WFHM/SAHM- Plus Free Printable

As a new work-from-home-mom, it can been a challenge finding the perfect balance and it’s not as easy to stay on task as one may think it would be. Here are a few, simple ways to help stay on task and get things done throughout the day.

Easy Tips For A More Productive Day As A WFHM/SAHM- Plus Free Printable

Wake up EARLY!

I know most of you may feel like staying at home all day is an award because you get to sleep in and roll out of bed whenever you feel like it. That is so NOT the case! Although I’ve enjoyed being able to wake up an hour or so later, the kids have to be tended to. Ya know, breakfast, lesson plans, etc. 
So in order to get some alone time before the morning chaos, I tend to wake up an hour EARLIER than I did before I resigned. This allows me to have my cup of coffee in peace on my back porch and it allows some time to plan for the rest of my day, if I haven’t already.

Plan ahead.
Planning is essential to any successful day. Without it, you, your kids, and your house will be in total chaos- and we all know, no one functions well under total mayhem. Wake up early, after your coffee and breakfast, take time to open your planner and have a pen ready so that you can check off all of your tasks as you go along with your day. This helps you to keep track of what is done versus what still needs to be done. 
Planning a few days ahead once a week also helps with staying on task. Have you a good planner by your side at all times and some sticky notes handy, so that you can easily jot down your tasks as they come to mind.

Meal prep.
This goes along with planning ahead. You don’t have to do EVERYTHING EVERYDAY! Save yourself some time throughout the week and try meal prepping a few days out of the week. This could be on Sunday, or in the middle of week. Make sandwiches for lunches in bulk, try a sheet pan pancake instead of dropping them one by one, etc.

You’ll love these healthy, kid-friendly make ahead breakfast recipes to prepare throughout the week. 

Play some music. 
Music helps me and my kids get in the groove of things! Studies show that music can instantly boost your mood and your energy. Do your household a favor and turn on some tunes to help everyone get into the groove of things.
It doesn’t have to be distracting either, I like to play classical tunes early in the morning and as we stroll into the evening, I may speed things up by listening to something a bit more upbeat. 
You may love this playlist of motivational tunes I conjured, here. Please note: These may not be for the kids! Hehe.

Also, if you’re into instrumentals to help keep you focused and productive, you may love this playlist of meditation music to help boost your productivity and concentration. Be sure to check it out and add it to your Spotify or Apple Music playlist for instant, future use. 

Schedule some YOU time.

I know this may be difficult for most, but I have been blessed with the most understanding three and four-year-old. I actually explain to them how important “me” time is. After all, I’m schooling them all day- sometimes mama needs a break! 
I even make it a point for them to separate (one may spend time in their room building blocks, while one is at the dining table cutting and pasting out of a magazine) at some point in the day, just to emphasize “me” time; because we all could use it from time to time. Around this time, I retreat back to my backyard and meditate. 
Use Essential Oils
Aromatherapy has been proved to be an effective way to improve your mood, concentration and energy levels, which in return, can boost your productivity. Certain scents can energize you. 
Scents like peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus and lavender have been shown to increase concentration and energy levels, as well as boost your mood. 
You can check out more on essential oils to boost your productivity, here.

There are many more aspects throughout the day that I want to point out in some future posts, but I thought I’d start out with a few. What are some of the things you struggle with as a stay-at-home or work-from-home mom?
Try this free printable to help you throughout your days. You could even laminate for future usage and don’t forget to share!

xo, Ecomomical

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