8 Simple Feminine Hygiene Hacks

Caring for your lady parts doesn’t have to be expensive or take up so much of your time. In fact, most personal hygiene products contain toxic chemicals and fragrances that are detrimental to your health.

Here a few tips that can have your “hoo-ha” back to normal again- not only leaving you smelling good, but tasting good too. 

1. Use Unscented White Soap And Wash Clothes

Most soaps, vaginal wipes, and vaginal deodorants contain perfumes and dyes that can throw off your normal pH balance, which can cause bacteria and yeast infections. It’s best to use white, unscented soaps that don’t contain dyes and fragrances that can cause irritation and infection. It’s also best to use white washcloths that don’t contain added dyes. 

2. Do NOT Use A Douche. 

Although the term “douche” means to wash or soak, studies show that douches contain chemicals that don’t actually prevent or treat infections. Instead, they only promote yeast and bacteria growth. Science also shows that douching has been linked to infertility and a greater risk of STDs. 

3. Make Your Own DIY Douche.

Okay, okay, I know we just went over the reasons why we shouldn’t be shooting scented water up our lady parts, but hear me out…
The only reason against douching is because of what the douche contains. The act of douching is highly recommended and can leave your vagina smelling and tasting good. 
Simply buy a douche, empty out it contents and fill it half way with water and the other half with Greek yogurt. Not only is yogurt safe, but it’s also an affordable option to hygiene products that contain the “good” bacteria necessary to kill yeast. 

4. Wear Cotton Underwear.

Even though we all want to walk around like Victoria Secret’s models, our vaginas actually prefer plain old cotton. Lace and other synthetic fabrics are fine to wear on special occasion, but wearing them regularly can cause irritation and trap moisture- which is the breeding ground for bacteria. It’s also important to wear underwear that aren’t too tight and allow your vagina to breathe. 

5. To Shave, Or Not To Shave?

Some women prefer to and some prefer not to. Both are completely fine. In fact, pubic hair prevents dirt and bacteria from entering your vagina and protects it from skin injury. However, if you don’t wash the hair regularly and thoroughly, it can cause a smell. 
Moisturizing your pubic hair or bare vagina, with organic coconut oil is highly recommended. The coconut oil will act as a natural antibacterial antiperspirant.

6. Sleep Without Underwear.

Sleeping naked actually improves your overall hygiene. Because our bodies naturally sweat, it’s recommended to sleep without clothes. Underwear trap all sorts of moist, dirt, and sweat into them, which is where bacteria thrive. Let that thing breathe! 

7. Shower Immediately After Sex.

Unfortunately, those romantic movies where the main characters get to lay next to each other all night after doing the “thing” aren’t real. Real life and real sex cause for some clean up afterwards. No matter how romantic things get, it’s super important to wash right after sex. Moisture has been a huge theme here and the moisture that sex can cause irritation and infection.

8. You Are What You Eat.

Things like garlic, onions, certain spices, and even alcohol can cause you to smell sour down there. If avoiding these foods are impossible, consider eating MORE of the things that promote vaginal health like plain yogurt, apples, pineapple, and berries. 
These are just of few, of many helpful tips that can help with feminine hygiene and help you regain your womanly confidence. Your lady parts will thank you! 

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  • did not know about the panty-free nighttime routine… guess I'll be going commando from now on! LOL

    • Lol! Yes ma’am, commando is the best way!


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