14 Easy Halloween Crafts For Kids

Halloween is such an exciting time of year! I know plenty of kids plan their entire year around this one day. Spend the time leading up this day with lots of fun activities such as these below, that are guaranteed to keep your children engaged and enthused! 

How fun are these jars filled with slime? The Best Ideas For Kids explains what is needed to get your kids all excited about slime! 

Cute Halloween Slime Jars
Get your kids hands moving with this three-ingredient, candy slime from Stacey at the Soccer Mom Blog. This is such a creative way to use all of that candy! 
Super stretchy edible candy slime that only requires three simple ingredients. An awesome way to use up extra Halloween candy! Make your own silly putty!
All it takes is five minutes to put together this sensory bottle that Stacy from the Soccer Mom Blog, came up with. Keep your little ones entertained for hours putting it together and watching the magic, once it’s all done. 
This Halloween Sensory Bottle is an easy kid's craft that is sure to please Halloween fans, creepy-crawler lovers, and toddlers alike!
And if spiders aren’t your thing, you can try this sensory bottle with monster eyes that Stacey also came up with. 
This Monster Eyes Sensory Bottle is a sparkly and spooky Halloween kids craft and calm-down tool. Click for easy tutorial and photos.
If your kids just can’t enough of monsters, try these fun monster headbands from Valerie at Val Event Gal
What’s Halloween without the witches? The Best Ideas For Kids shows you how to help your kids create their very own witch using their own hands. 
Handprint Witch Halloween Craft
Shellie from Craftbits puts together an exciting activity where kids get to make their very own spider clips. Clips can go in a child’s hair, or own a hat, as apart of a necklace, and so much more! 
Warm up those cold water bottles with this super cute water bottle koozie, disguised as a jack-o-lantern from Stacy at The Soccer Mom Blog
An easy and frugal craft that will make drinking water fun for kids! #PureLifeRippleEffect ad
If your child is into magnets, these do-it-yourself foam magnets made by Mary at the The Flying Couponer,  are the perfect craft for them! 
Pumpkin Foam Faces Fridge Magnets
Get your kids excited about crafting with these felt craft monsters from Stacey at The Soccer Mom Blog.
These colorful felt craft "friendly monsters" put a new spin on paper dolls! So much fun for kids to make and play with over and over again!
Let your kids create the ultimate haunted house with these hanging bats made from plastic cups! 
Make a game out of ghosts, with this interactive activity from Stacey at the Soccer Mom Blog
This fridge magnet ghost craft is a fun decoration to make with kids. They'll have a blast switching the pieces around to make lots of goofy ghost faces!
Try these super easy spiders made from paper plates. Kids are sure to love putting together their own creepy crawlers that Shellie from Craftbits came up with. 
Decorate the house or classroom with these fun, Kleenex ghosts from Shari at Diary Of A So Cal Mama.
cute Halloween decor
Halloween is such an exciting time of year! I hope you and your little ones get the most out of it with these simple crafts that require little to no prep. 

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