9 Red White And Blue Drinks

Memorial Day and 4th Of July are just are around the corner and it’s an exciting time to give thanks to our Veterans, gather around with family and celebrate the traditions!


Here are nine red, white and blue drink ideas to help keep the festivities alive and your party guests entertained! There are a few that are also non-alcoholic. So get the kiddos involved and let them help you make magic, as they layer their own red, white and blue drink. Dress the drink with some red, white, and blue umbrellas, or garnish the rim of your glasses with colored sugar and you’re on your way to hosting the best Patriotic party of the year!

1. Sofia’s Virgin Daquiri – Recipe This 
2. Red, White And Blue Vodka Lemonade Slush – Homemade Hooplah 
3. The Capsicle – Captain America Frozen Cocktail – Really, Are You Serious 

4. Patriotic Non-Alcoholic Summer Drink – Natural Beach Living 
5. Red White And Blue Jello Parfaits – Dancing Through The Rain 
6. Raspberry And Blueberry Silver Tequila Mojito – Champagne And Coconuts 

7. Summer Berry Vodka Granita – Snappy Gourmet
8. Homemade Italian Cream Soda – Clarks Condensed 
9. Can’t be ‘Beet’: Beet, Citrus And Ginger Sangria Mocktail – Just Beet It 

Be sure to enjoy responsibly, give thanks and most of all, have fun! If you’re not throwing the party and know someone who is, feel free to Pin for later or share via the social platform of your choice. I’d greatly appreciate it!


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