Why No-Bake Desserts Are A Must Have At Your Next Party

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No-bake desserts are literally heaven sent! When you have two kids running around all day, decorations to put together and several hosts on your guest list – preparing foods and desserts is the last thing you want to be responsible for. Not because it’s hard to do, but it’s a lot to put on yourself when you have so many things that come with party planning.

Here are a few tips to make your next party a breeze:

1. Relax And Write A List
I know that’s hard to do when you have so many things on your to-do list. Start by taking a deep breath, pull out your notebook and start a list of all of your party-planning must-haves. This can include your theme, a list of supplies that correlate with that theme and the foods and/or desserts you want to serve.

2. Choose A Simple Theme
For this easy, summer theme of mine, I chose to go with floral and gold accents. Simple and elegant all at the same time. Plus, it was super easy to find decorations that mesh well together. The simpler the better. That way, you don’t have to spend too much time on decor.

Trust me! I spent way too much time deciding how I would put this party together. By the time we decided to have our party, I realized how much emphasis I put on decor – when I didn’t really have to. Going from store to store will easily wear you out. Everything came out easier (and more beautiful than expected), when I decided to keep things simple.

3. No Bake Desserts
Write a list. Plan the decor. Invite guests. If you’re this far into party-planning, you know how overwhelming planning can be. Make your summer party a breeze and try something out of the box (literally and figuratively) and serve some delicious pie! No DIY required and all of the ingredients are already included.

Edwards Hershey’s Crème Pie is a sweet victory for chocolate lovers. From the chocolate cookie crumb crust, layers of chocolate and vanilla crème topped with chocolate pieces – your guests won’t be able to get enough. Buh-bye to the traditional summer ice cream party that makes every parent extremely nervous – because, melting!

I chose to focus on desserts this time around. Let’s face it – it’s summer, it’s hot and guests want something cool and refreshing to enjoy! The great part about Edwards thaw-and-serve pies is that they are made of velvety, creamy layers and a crunchy, cookie-crumb-crust, dusted with decadent toppings. Their flavors range from refreshingly tart to rich and sweet, so there’s an option for everyone.

We also enjoyed Edwards Turtle Pie. You seriously can’t enough of the smooth caramel filling infused with rich caramel, topped with chocolate, pecans and whipped crème rosettes on a fresh-from-the-oven chocolate cookie crumb crust. A true show-stopper!

Although your mind wants you to grab that ice cream for your next summer gathering, Edwards is in the same aisle, but in a different league. Enjoy Edwards Cookies and Crème Pie with fluffy vanilla crème and chocolate cookie chunks on a fresh-from-the-oven dark chocolate cookie crumb crust. It’s hard to top perfection, but with its whipped creme rosettes and cookie crumb garnish, this pie is the crème de la cookies and crème. Sorry, ice cream, but it’s better to thaw than to melt! And Edwards definitely won’t melt.

Plus, from August 12 – August 28, 2019, you can enter for your chance to win one (1) or 16 free product coupons for an Edwards pie of your choice. Winners will be randomly selected and notified by CLEVER on Friday, August 30, 2019.

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These simple, party-planning hacks will elevate your next summer gathering! Don’t forget to share and let me know your favorite flavor of Edwards down below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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