Simple Ways To Make Money From Home

ways to  make money from home

Times have changed and the way people can easily make money have too. Now, more than ever, making money from home is super easy and can be done in a variety of ways. 

There are so many ways to make money from home part-time and full-time. The best part is that you get to choose your hours, work in your pajamas and save money from commuting back and forth every day. 
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Or, these can be the perfect side hustle ideas if you’re not wanting to give up your day job. You may want to know how to make money from home so that you can start saving or investing. No matter the reason, just about everyone can use these ideas to create a solid financial foundation for themselves and their families.
1. Sell Your Old Stuff
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This still rings true till this day and now, it’s easier than ever to rake in the extra cash you need by selling your old stuff online
People are always on the lookout for gently used clothing, shoes, appliances and furniture. It’s an easy way to clear out the old and earn an income while you’re at it. 
You can get started for free with selling on Ebay, here.
2. Become An Affiliate
Do you have something that you love to spend your money on and can’t stop telling others about? This could be as simple as your favorite pair of jeans that fit you so well, that you find yourself telling others about often.
If you do, then you can become an affiliate for your favorite brands and earn a commission every time your friends or family make a purchase. 
Signing up with companies like Amazon and recommending just about anything, or even getting personal and joining network marketing companies that offer bonuses for signing people up for things you already know and love.
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3. Take Paid Surveys Online
Just like companies want you to recommend their products, you can also earn easy money by taking online surveys. 
Companies will pay you for your experiences and opinions. You can earn cash and gift cards by letting your favorite companies know how they can do better.
There are plenty of companies that pay you cash for your opinions. You can take a look at this list of surveys that feature companies like Swagbucks that even pay you cash just for signing up. Or sign up with MyPoints and get $5 upon sign up and earn cash, gift cards and more! 
4. Rent Out A Room Or Your Entire House
If you have an extra room or more space than you need that you’re not currently using, you can turn that into extra cash. Apps like Airbnb allow you to turn your extra space into added income.
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5. Become A Coach Or Tutor
Good at photography? Great at writing? Can you play a musical instrument? Get creative and let others know what skills you have and charge them if they seem interested in what you have to offer.

Weddings are a popular niche. As a photographer, you can find tons of brides wanting to save and offer them photography sessions for cheaper than your average photographer. She’ll then spread the word and BOOM! You have a solid side hustle. Also, clubs, restaurants and brides are always looking for musicians. So are parents, to help teach their children musical skills.

Or start a YouTube channel tutoring the internet on your specific skill. Publications are always hiring writers and bloggers as well throughout the year. Whatever you’re good at, it’s someone out there willing to pay you for your skills!

You can sign up with websites like Fiverr. Fiverr allows you to offer all types of services from graphics & design, to writing, translation, business, tech and more. Plus, signing up is super easy
6. Join A Ride Share Program
Use your car to make you extra cash this holiday season by signing up with Uber or Lyft – or maybe even both! Earn a minimum of $25 per hour helping others get where they need to go. 
The great part about these companies is that they allow you to drive with both at the same time as some customers have their unique preferences as to which app they prefer to use.
Even if you don’t own a car, both of these programs allow you to rent a vehicle for a weekly payment of around $200. Don’t let that fee scare you off just yet because you’ll be able to make that in less than eight hours. 
You can also rent a car with HyreCar specifically for ridesharing. Even if you own your vehicle, investing in a rental car for ridesharing specifically can save you on wear and tear in the long run.
Use code: HYRE10 for 10% off your first rental.
So even if you only had time to drive part-time, you’ll still come home with extra cash.
7. Shop For Others And Earn Cash
Companies like Instacart and Doordash allow you to shop for others and instantly collect your earnings once the items are delivered! 
The great thing about these services is that you don’t even have to drive your vehicle. If you have a motor scooter or even a bicycle, you can save on gas and still earn extra money.

DoorDash makes it easy for you to deliver. Whether on a bike, on in a car, there are plenty of options that can work for you to earn extra cash. You can sign up with DoorDash, here.


If you don’t currently own a vehicle and would still like to drive for rideshare services, HyreCar is the leading car-sharing marketplace where rideshare drivers can rent vehicles to drive for companies such as Uber and Lyft. Or, for food and grocery delivery services.

Check out their services, here.

7. Try Your Luck At Online Sweepstakes
Sweepstakes are a great way to ring in extra cash, gift cards, and prizes that you otherwise would have to pay for. 
Although there is no guarantee of winning each one you enter, taking a few minutes out of each day to enter won’t hurt. You can check out our sweepstakes and giveaways page, here.
8. Apply For An Online Job
There are plenty of credible companies hiring for work-from-home positions. 
Unlike an office job, you choose your hours, business attire is optional and you don’t have to commute. 
You can find plenty of online jobs through our database, here.
There are plenty of options to earn the cash you need and make money from home. Whether you’re saving, investing, or just needing the extra cash – these are great ways to earn money on the side. 

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