7 Tips For Creating A New Moon Ritual

The New Moon happens every month during the Moon cycle and knowing what to do around this time is crucial to manifesting your immediate and future success. 

A new moon ritual is an easy way to set a pattern for your mind, body, and soul this time every month to set new intentions and easily manifest and attract abundance and the things you want most. 

What Is The New Moon?

In astronomy, the New Moon marks the first lunar phase. This is when the Moon and Sun have the same ecliptic longitude, causing the moon not to be visible to the naked eye. The New Moon symbolizes new beginnings and people all over the world use this energy to achieve their goals and/or start a new project. 

What Is A New Moon Ritual?

The moon doesn’t only affect our planets, it’s also us as humans – especially women. Most women can use the moon to track their cycles. This is an ancient practice where women used to track their cycles through the moon phases and would take this time to reflect and recharge. 

Even in modern-day times, the same still rings true. We are aligned with the energy of the moon and can use this time to make magic happen. 

A ritual, as it states in the dictionary, is a ceremonial act or action. In this case, you don’t have to religious to celebrate the moon, or set intentions during this time. Because the moon can’t be “seen,” this is naturally the best time to go within and reflect, rest, and prepare for the near future. 

When Is The Best Time To Celebrate The New Moon?

It’s best to set aside time for your new moon ritual a few days before and a few days after the New Moon, while the energy is still strong. 

If you’re aligned (which we all are, but some of us more so than others), you will naturally feel as if you’re tired and needing to rest more than usual. 

This is a sign that it is time to prepare for your ritual. Besides some much-needed self-care, here are a few things you can do during this lunar phase and set yourself up for some instant manifestations along the way! 

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Prepare A Sacred Place

You may be thinking you have to be spiritual or religious for this stuff – and this is another reminder that you don’t.

Look at this sacred space as a place where the energy is unbothered and only prepared for increasing the positive forces the New Moon has to offer. 

This can be your nightstand, a corner of your desk, or even your window seal. Just a quiet place you have all to yourself to sit and reflect during this time. 

You can also add crystals, notes and letters with positive affirmations, candles, and even a journal to keep track of your goals and aspirations. 

As the month continues and we move out of this phase, it’s always fun to go back to your journal and see what has manifested for you. 

Take A Bath

As simple as this sounds, so many people (women in general), just don’t have the time for a nice, quiet bath. Because we’re connecting around this it’s important to find the time for a therapeutic bath.

The New Moon represents “out with the old, in with the new,” the act of bathing aligns with washing away the old so that your mind and body can prepare for the new. Use the benefits of essentials oils and these tips for alleviating stress during bath time, to your advantage. 

Sage Your Entire Space

There are so many benefits to burning sage in your space. From purifying to releasing negative energy to boosting your mood and improving your sleep quality – these are all good enough reasons to have sage around your home during this time of the month. 

You want to use this time to CLEAR the energy in every aspect of your life. Sage is a good way to do so. Sage is also used to ground your thoughts, which can leave you more aware of your heart’s true desires and prepare you for this next phase in your life. 

Use A Journal 

After cleansing and releasing – you’re now ready for a fresh start, which is what the New Moon represents. 

Use your journal to help you align your thoughts, goals and release all that’s been on your mind. 

Set Intentions And Make A List 

Next, you’ll want to write down your intentions (also known as goals) about what you can expect during this next month. It’s important to be specific and believe that these things you’re writing down can actually happen. That way, you’re mind is already creating it and it will start to play out during the next few weeks. 

Start Something New

The new moon is the best day to start something new. Setting your intentions and journaling will start to ignite this want for something new – this could be a new job, a new class, a new hobby, etc. Use this time to simply GO FOR IT! The moon literally has your back on this.


Make Your Own Ritual

As I stated before, ritual doesn’t have to mean one thing. You don’t even have to use that word if you don’t want to. This is simply a time to reflect and by practicing this every month – you can start to naturally align yourself and your thoughts.

This can be in the means of yoga, meditating, taking an art class around this time every month, or simply journaling. 

The entire purpose is to make time for reflection, cleansing, and setting new intentions for your future. Use this time to slow down and connect with your inner-being to make sure you’re aligned with your heart’s true desires. 

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