What To Wear To A Spring Or Summer Wedding

Wedding season is upon us and one of the most asked questions when it comes to attending someone’s special event, is “What do you actually wear to a wedding?”

If this sounds familiar, then you came to the right place to piece together the perfect wedding guest ensemble.

The key to finding wedding guest dresses for women is simplicity.

During the spring and summer months, you want to consider the heat and the drop in temperature once the sun goes down.

For some, a bodycon, or midi dress might be a great style and a great fit for their shape – but if you are unsure, you can’t go wrong with a full-length, maxi-style evening dress.

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Go Longer

Longer lengths are always an elegant choice, especially for an occasion such as a wedding. You can always opt for shorter sleeves, no sleeves, or off-the-shoulder sleeves when being mindful of the temperature during the spring and summer months.

This blue dress from Pink Blush boasts a longer-length, an elegant style and an off-the-shoulder sleeve making it perfect to wear as a wedding guest and saving it for down the road as a cocktail dress for date or girl’s night.

It’s light weight for hot days, but the length gives you a bit of warmth and comfort during the evening when things cool down.

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Add A Layer

Don’t forget a layer while attending the wedding as well. You can go for a blazer, a kimono, or even a shawl for a more elegant look.

This will keep you from getting uncomfortable when things cool down. It’s also a tricky way of keeping bugs away as well.

Don’t Forget The Bag

Evening bags are a great way to take any wedding guest dress to the next level.

They’re usually smaller than a regular handbag and if you’re busy with mom life most of the time – swapping the diaper bag for an evening bag for one night always feels so special.

So be sure to keep one in your closet for special occasions.

Go for neutral colors like tan or black to pair with any other evening dresses you may want to purchase later down the line.

You can also go for gold, or silver!

Block Heels For The Win!

The formula for the perfect wedding guest dress is really simple. You just want to make sure it fits best with your body type.

You also want to make sure you’re comfortable in the dress, as well as the shoes you were.

A block heel is a comfortable choice, and anyone can wear them – even if you’re not used to wearing heels that often. Block heels usually come as low as two inches and can go as high as eight.

They’re really great for casual wear also. So, they’ll go beyond your one night!

All in all, wedding guest dresses are fun to pair with just about anything and the process doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think.

Grab a great fitting dress, a nice pair of comfortable shoes, an evening bag – and have yourself a good time!

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