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15 Valentine’s Day Nails Ideas to Copy This Year

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it’s time to get some inspiration on your next manicure set.

Faux nails are a great alternative to regular trips to the nail salon, saving you hundreds of dollars every month. You’d also be shocked at how much time you can save by applying the nails yourself as well. Some of these applications take less than 10 minutes!

Here at Being Ecomomical, that’s what we’re all about – saving time and money!

valentines nails ideas

The best way to make your nails last longer is to make sure you’re removing excess oils from your nails using a high-quality acetone nail polish remover.

You’ll also want to make sure you use a high-quality nail glue and nail dehydrator right before application.

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Whether you’re planning on taking the DIY route, or going to a professional, these Valentine’s Day nails ideas are great to use as the ultimate inspiration.

1. Valentine’s Kiss French Nails

valentine's day nails
via Etsy

These French tip press-ons are perfect for a subtle look. The kisses are hand drawn and can be customized to any shape and length.

2. Valentine’s Day Short Square Polka Dot Nails

These square Valentine’s Day nails are super cute with their polka dot design and small hearts. They’re the perfect press-ons for the DIY-er and the subtle design allows you to wear them after the big day.

3. French Tip Coffin Valentine’s Day Nails With Glitter

These medium length coffin press-ons come in a square shape with gold glitter, white French tips and hearts for a more elegant look this Valentine’s Day. This set is perfect for date night!

4. Rhinestone Studded Valentine’s Day Nails

via Etsy

These Swarovski rhinestone nails are sure to make heads turn this Valentine’s Day. You can get this set customized to your individual finger size and shipped within a week.

5. Pink Heart Almond Valentine’s Day Nails With French Tip

Honestly, the more subtle the better because these nails can double as an everyday look. These almond shaped nails add a bit of sophistication with the added French tip and the light pink hearts.

6. Neon Pink Valentine’s Day Nails

via Etsy

For a more vibrant and fun color this Valentine’s Day, you can opt for these hot pink nails that are hand-painted to order that feature a hint of Valentine’s Day symbolism with the added X’s, O’s and hearts.

7. Heart Detail Valentine’s Day Nails

This set features four different for a versatile and interchangeable set. Choose from colored tips or a whimsical heart design and mix and match to your liking.

8. Chrome Heart Valentine’s Day Nails

via Etsy

Add some chrome in your life with these custom gel nails.

9. Red Heart French Tip Nails

via Etsy

These nails scream Valentine’s Day with the French tip hearts.

10. Black And Gold Valentine’s Day Nails

Although Valentine’s Day is all about pink and red, you may want to opt for black and white instead. These nails are perfect for doing so, but also tie in the overall theme of Valentine’s Day.

11. Red Glitter Bling Heart Valentine’s Day Nails

via Etsy

Add some bling to your Valentine’s Day wardrobe with these red glitter bling heart nails. These nails are custom made and can be ordered in any size or length to your liking.

12. Almond Heart Pattern Valentine’s Day Nails

via Esty

Try a long almond shape nail this Valentine’s Day with this set that features French tips, a heart-patterned nail and full colored nails, all in one set.

13. Short Square Neutral Valentine’s Day Nails

Short, cute and straight to the point with the small heart near the center nail. This set is perfect for wearing before and after Valentine’s Day.

14. Nude Heart Shape Almond Nails

The hint of gold in these nails are perfect for any day surrounding the upcoming festivities that Valentine’s Day brings!

15. Conversation Hearts Nail Strips

via Etsy

Try something different this Valentine’s Day by using these easy to apply nail strips that feature mini conversation hearts.

There you have it, 15 Valentine’s Day nail designs that are easy and affordable to pull off this year.

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