20 Toys Your Kids Need This Summer

As parents, we all know the secret to a happy child is a busy child. With some research and lots of experience, I put together a list of toys that can keep your children busy and happy this summer. I’d like to think of this list as ‘tools’ rather than ‘toys.’ These tools will keep your child busy, not just for the summer, but year-round as well.

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Not only is painting therapeutic, it allows children to express themselves. I’ve previously written about the benefits of painting for toddlers, here. Give them a brush, a canvas, and let them go at it! The best part about it, they’ll enjoy it so much that you’ll have a few minutes to yourself this summer- if you’re not too worried about a little mess!

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Play-Doh is one of my favorite activities for my kids. Like paint, they get to use their hands to make their imaginations go wild and as their parent, I love seeing what they come up with! I literally buy the entire collection, so that they can get the benefit of using every color available to help them create! 
Construction paper, glue, scissors, and few recycled magazines are a MUST for the mornings! I love watching them cut out images that appeal to them and paste them into collages that they can keep forever. The best part is hearing the stories they come up with after creating their collages. 

We’re also huge fans of Legos in our house! Let me tell you, it’s for good reason! I discovered that my son loved taking things apart and putting them back together when he was six-months-old. He has his first, jumbo Lego set at seven months. He’s been building ever since then and his sister has also taken to building very well. They can sit, quietly, for hours building whatever comes to mind- so I definitely recommend a set, or two during the summer months. 
Of course you and your family will be spending lots of time outside, so here’s a few items for your children to enjoy during that time! There’s something about having the opportunity play in your own house and set your own rules! That’s why I chose to share this outdoor home, perfect for when friends of your kids come over. 

I hope you and your littles enjoy this list of fun-filled toys for the summer! Enjoy! 

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