36 Vegan 4th Of July Recipes – Vegan BBQ Recipes

My favorite part of the Summer is hosting and attending those epic family barbecues! Family gatherings are a staple in our family and I love passing on that excitement to my children and seeing their faces light up when they get to mix and mingle with the entire family. This year is a bit different for us since we’ve given up meat (with the exception of seafood) and most of our dairy intake. Who knew cheese and sour cream would be so hard to give up?

Here’s a list of some of the best vegan side dish ideas for your next bar-be-que. Just because our diet has changed, doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy those epic summer barbecues! 

While I have you, check out this NEW recipe: Easy Vegan Macaroni Salad, complete with a video tutorial as well. 

vegan macaroni salad recipe | vegan 4th of july recipe ideas

Plus it’s the perfect time to get your family members on board. Whether you’re meeting at the park, throwing a birthday party, a family reunion, or just having some friends and family over for the weekend, these vegan side dish ideas will be a hit with everyone!

You simply can’t put together a barbecue without the macaroni salad! Rebecca from Strength and Sunshine puts together a simple, vegan, and gluten-free, Classic American Macaroni Salad.

There’s nothing better than to cool down with a few pieces of fresh fruit, while enjoying your family in the summer heat. Kristy from On My Kid’s Plate has put together a patriotic fruit salsa.

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love California Pasta Salad! I was first introduced to this delicious recipe almost six years ago, when my mom’s friend made it for me and my guest, at my son’s baby shower. Sina from Vegan Heaven is spot on with her take on this yummy concoction. 

Anne from Anne’s Entitled Life has put together a delicious take on sugar cookies. They aren’t entirely vegan and if you’re diet isn’t restricted, then a day like Independence Day, may be a good enough excuse to dive in and enjoy! 

What is entirely vegan, is this appetizing Lime and Cherry Pie from Kate over at Veggie Desserts! I could only imagine how long this pie would last around my family. Plus it’s guaranteed to blow your family away with the idea that they’ve simply gone vegan for a day! 

Chill out with a refreshing glass (or plastic red or blue cup) of fruit infused water. Not only is this beverage that Sue from The View From Great Island came up with, pretty to look at – it’s super healthy and guaranteed to keep you hydrated in the summer heat. 

Vegan or not, we can all attest to how mouthwatering grilled corn is! Elena from Happy Kitchen Rocks puts together an impressive twist on grilled corn and pairs them with a creamy avocado dill dressing. Can you say, yum?!

Put the RED in red, white, and blue with this scrumptious strawberry pie from Rhian at Rhians Recipes. It’s also gluten-free! 

You can never have too many beverage options at a cookout. This homemade ginger ale from Shanika at Orchids And Sweet Tea will definitely keep everyone hydrated and coming back for more! 

Here’s another twist on an American classic – vegan potato salad! Rebecca from Strength and Sunshine nailed it.

Everything is better when it’s grilled. This also rings true for fresh fruit. Alli from Dancing Through The Rain puts a savory twist to the classic pineapple. The idea is so simple, but the taste is what’s so surprising! 

Add some true barbecue flavor to your menu with this Roasted Plantain and BBQ Chickpea Vegan Bowl from who I’d like to call a ‘Vegan Genius,’ Shanika from Orchids And Sweet Tea

Add this bright and colorful side dish to the table and I’m sure your guests will be more than satisfied with this savory Mexican Chopped Salad, topped with avocado dressing, from Elena over at Happy Kitchen Rocks

These super cute, red, white, and blue coconut treats are just as appetizing as they are to look at. Renana creates this simply unique treat over on her blog, Renana’s Kitchen.

Enjoy this fruity mocktail from Aarika at Just Beet It

You can’t have a cookout without the beans. Terri from Food Meanderings puts together a super easy bean salad for you and your guests to enjoy. 

Activate those “summery southwestern” vibes with this refreshing couscous salad by Julia from the Savory Tooth.

To add even more flavor to the southwestern theme, you can add these colorful and appetizing black bean tacos, topped with a savory avocado basil mango sauce- on the buffet table to wow your guests from Shanika at Orchids And Sweet Tea. My mouth is watering already! 

Here’s yet another side dish to add to the southwestern vibes- this flavorful cauliflower salad from Taryn over at Joy Filled Eats is sure to make an impression on your entire family! 

I’m a huge fan of salads during the summer and I absolutely love adding mandarin oranges to my leafy greens. But don’t take my word for it! Melissa from Vegan Huggs has you covered with a delightful recipe on how to put it all together.

Knock someone’s socks off with these delectable, freshly grilled, greens beans from Marissa at Pinch And Swirl

Being able to cool off in the summer heat is super important, especially when you’re entertaining. This fruit salad with honey lime dressing that Sherri put together over on To Simply Inspire, is sure to keep your guests satisfied! 

Guests will also be able to cool down with this Cowboy Caviar, which can be served as a salad, a dip, a side dish, or a topping from the Tasty Galaxy.

Another satisfying side dish that will keep your guests cool is this Mediterranean Quinoa Salad from Melissa at Vegan Huggs. Made with fresh ingredients, this salad is super simple to make! 

If the quinoa salad isn’t savory enough, try rolling some quinoa into a sushi roll. Andrea explains more over on the Petite Cook. These sushi rolls make the perfect appetizer and your guests can just grab and go! How fun! 

Save a ton of time with this red, white, and blue pasta salad by Holly from Pink Fortitude.

Here’s yet another take on a classic summer salad. It’s the perfect addition to your holiday menu and takes less than ten minutes to prepare! The Tasty Galaxy breaks it down for you.

Kick it up a notch with this flavorful orzo salad made with roasted corn from Sherri at To Simply Inspire – and she does just that! 

Personally, I can not get enough of chickpeas and black beans. So when I discovered this exquisite quinoa salad by Andrea at the Petite Cook, I had to add on this list! Not only will this keep your guests cool, but it will also keep them full as they wait for the entrees to come off of the grill. It will also keep them coming back for more! 

What’s Summer without popsicles? Wow your entire family with this deliciously sweet treat from Aarika at Just Beet It

Aside from the main and side dishes at the family barbecues, I can not wait for dessert! This vegan peanut butter pie from Rhian at Rhian’s Recipes, is the perfect dessert – and the best part, you don’t even have to use the oven!

Add some color to your dessert table with these decadent, bite-sized treats from Bake Me Some Sugar.

Since eliminating dairy from my diet, it’s been hard to find some delicious treats that are easy to put together for me and my family. These peanut butter banana brownies, are a dream come true for me – and I’m sure your guest will feel the same way! Bintu from Recipes From A Pantry puts together a super easy recipe that everyone will enjoy.

Add more chocolate tot he menu with this no-bake s’mores parfait! I mean, it doesn’t get any more creative than this. S’mores are a summer staple and now you can entertain guests with their favorite seasonal dessert without the hassle of a campfire. Rebecca from Strength And Sunshine shows you how to put it all together.

And if the parfait isn’t enough to knock your guests’ sock off, try serving up this enticing vanilla cashew milk, milkshake from Shanika at Orchids And Sweet Tea. A vegan milkshake? I’m totally down for that any day! 

Get the entire involved as they make their very own patriotic snow cones from Chysa at Thrifty Jinxy. It’s the perfect treat on a blazing hot, summer day. Plus your guests can have some fun, by making it themselves. 

Going vegan doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy eating delicious meals! I hope you found some enticing recipes that you’d like to share with your family this holiday. 



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