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Make Extra Money Now With These Side Gigs | Part-Time Jobs | Ways To Earn Extra Cash

Make Extra Money Now With These Side Gigs | Ways To Earn Extra Cash

It’s the new year and I know exactly what you’re thinking…new year, new me, right? Well, I know firsthand that when it comes to reinventing oneself, it takes some major investing and sometimes our full-time gigs don’t cut it. Here are a few fool-proof ways to earn extra cash this year – whether it’s for extra cash to invest, save, plan a vacation, or buy a house, everyone can use these tips.

For most, the biggest reason why money is hard to save, is due to the lack of income. These super easy and no-hassle side gigs are perfect for when you need extra cash the most.

Work part-time.

Most big companies are always hiring around this time of year. With the influx of inventory, the extension of holiday store hours, and the increase in traffic, larger companies always open their doors to part-time, seasonal workers who are looking to make extra cash for the holidays. Companies like Target and Starbucks even extend their generous list of benefits to part-time employees. Check out my post on companies who are always hiring during the holidays, plus a full list of their benefits.

**This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission if you click on one of my links, at no extra cost to you.**

Sell your stuff.

You may as well make money before you spend it. With new toys coming out on a monthly basis, the smartest thing you can do is sell your kids’ old stuff to make room for the new stuff. If you have any old appliances, clothes, furniture, or anything else you can think of – you can list it on eBayCraigslist, or Facebook Marketplace.

Just last summer, I made over $1,000 selling my washer and dryer set, along with a refrigerator that wasn’t in use. I also made a few thousand selling furniture that wasn’t in use right before the holidays. It comes in handy when you’re a full-time blogger like myself and your payments are sporadic.

So take a look around and I’m sure you’ll find so many things you can get rid of and possibly make a pretty penny. If you’re a shopaholic like myself, you can sell your clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories online using apps like Poshmark and ThredUp.

Use Promo Code: BEINGECOMOMICAL for $5 off your first purchase on Poshmark. Earn $5 every time you refer your own friends after signing up.

Become an affiliate with your favorite brands.

Most people think you have to huge following to become an affiliate marketer, but the truth is – we ALL have a following. Whether you have 200 friends on social media, or 2,000 – everyone has an audience that they can sell to.

Affiliate marketing is as simple as recommending your favorite products to your friends and family and getting a commission after they buy. While some affiliates require you to have a website, others do not.

You could also sign up with Amazon and recommend a variety of products to your closest friends and family, directly on social media. This goes along with working part-time in order to save on your favorite brands.

Rent Out A Room

If you have an extra room that you’re currently not using, why not make it into a cash making machine? With apps like AirBnB, you can turn your extra space in your home into a way to earn extra income every month. Put that money back into your home, or savings while you’re at it!

Monetize What You’re Already Good At

Good at photography? Great at writing? Can you play a musical instrument? Get creative and let others know what skills you have and charge them if they seem interested in what you have to offer.

Weddings are a popular niche. As a photographer, you can find tons of brides wanting to save and offer them photography sessions for cheaper than your average photographer. She’ll then spread the word and BOOM! You have a solid side hustle. Also, clubs, restaurants and brides are always looking for musicians. So are parents, to help tech their children extra musical skills.

Or start a YouTube channel tutoring the internet on your specific skill. Publications are always hiring writers and bloggers as well throughout the year. Whatever you’re good at, it’s someone out there willing to pay you for your skills!

Take surveys and earn extra cash.

There are plenty of companies that pay you cash for your opinion. You can take a look at this list of surveys that feature companies like Swagbucks that pay you cash just for signing up. Or sign up with MyPoints and get $5 upon sign up and earn cash, gift cards and more! See the full list, here.


Join a ride share program and earn $25 or more, per hour! 

Use your car to make you extra cash this holiday season by signing up with Uber or Lyft – or maybe even both! Earn a minimum of $25 per hour helping others get where they need to go. The great part about these companies is that they allow you to drive with both at the same time as some customers have their unique preferences as to which app they prefer to use.
Even if you don’t own a car, both of these programs allow you to rent a vehicle for a weekly payment of around $200. Don’t let that fee scare you off just yet, because you’ll be able to make that in less than eight hours. So even if you only had time to drive part-time, you’ll still come home with extra cash.

Join Lyft now and earn up to $1,400 gauranteed. Use Promo Code: TORCHE06705. See the terms, here. You can also check out my breakdown on exactly how I make over $20 an hour with Lyft


If you don’t currently own a vehicle and would still like to drive for rideshare services, HyreCar is the leading carsharing marketplace where rideshare drivers can rent vehicles to drive for companies such as Uber and Lyft. Or, for food and grocery delivery services.

Check out their services, here

Shop for others and earn cash.

Companies like Instacart and Doordash allow you to shop for others and instantly collect your earnings once the items are delivered! The great thing about these services is that you don’t even have to drive your vehicle. If you have a motor scooter or even a bicycle, you can save on gas and still earn extra money.

DoorDash makes it easy for you to deliver. Whether on a bike, on in a car, there are plenty of options that can work for you to earn extra cash. You can sign up with DoorDash, here.

If you don’t currently own a vehicle and would still like to drive for rideshare services, HyreCar is the leading carsharing marketplace where rideshare drivers can rent vehicles to drive for companies such as Uber and Lyft. Or, for food and grocery delivery services.

Check out their services, here.

I know what you may thinking by now…

This may sound far fetch, or it may wrack your brain into thinking this is just WAY too much for me to do – on top of everything else I am already responsible for.


These mobile services ARE LIFE! Think about it like this…

Instead of riding to work alone and paying for gas every few days, sign up with Lyft and pick up someone on your way to work every morning and possibly on your way home every evening. The app allows you to enter YOUR destination and will match you with a rider in your area who is headed the same way. Cha-ching!

Same thing with services like Instacart and Doordash – while you’re shopping for yourself, pick up a few extra items for customers on your way home and earn some of those grocery funds right back.

That’s an average of $15 every time you ride to work, another $15 on your way home AND another $10 after you shop for groceries – and maybe more, depending on distance. If you get into the routine of using your vehicle for extra cash, you can easily rank in an extra $200 per week without breaking a sweat! Just imagine how much more you could earn if you set a schedule and took on one of these gigs part-time.

These are just a few ways to make extra money for the new year and beyond! Most of these gigs take up very little time and require minimum effort for you to bring in cash. Happy New Year!


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