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How To Make $25 An Hour With Lyft

A couple of months ago, I did a thing – I started driving with Lyft. I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, but once I got over my first ride jitters, I actually started to enjoy it!

Lyft makes it super easy to get started. All you need is a valid drivers license, vehicle registration and insurance and within a few hours, you can start earning. They even give you an option to rent a vehicle. With a $250 refundable deposit and a free background check, you can be on the road within two to three business days.

I went with the FlexDrive option. Lyft charges $240 and a 20 ride minimum per week for the rental, which you can payoff within no time. 20 rides can get you the cost of the rental, but even with all of these numbers being thrown at you, I know you may still be wondering, how! So I wanted to share with you how I managed to earn over $20 per hour driving for Lyft.

**I may be compensated if you sign up with Lyft through this article.**

1. Stay Active Within City Limits

Living in Atlanta, it’s a no-brainer to make sure I start my day off within city limits. This gives me the quickest way to earn, because that’s where most of the passengers are. So whether you’re in the outskirts, or living near a busy city, always START there. That way you can avoid waiting around on your first ride. It always seem that once you complete your first ride of the day, the rest just starts to flow.

2. Make Sure Your Car Is Clean

Passengers are able to rate you based on cleanliness, so be sure to have your car clean at all times. It’s just common courtesy and after all, if someone hops in who appreciates cleanliness, they’re more liable to tip you based off of that alone.

3. Always Keep A Positive Attitude

Even though you’re working for yourself, you want to make sure you’re always in a good mood when you start driving. Along with cleanliness, it’s just common courtesy to be polite to your passengers which can also add up in ratings and tips. The higher your ratings, the more passengers Lyft sends your way and the bigger the tips – well, the bigger your daily or weekly (if you’re renting) payout will be!

4. Drive Where No One Else Is

I know that my number one tip was to drive withing the city limits because you’ll get passengers faster, BUT there is an exception! There has been several occasions where I started driving in the city and a passenger took me forty-five minutes away.

First of all, the further the distance, the more money you’ll make. Secondly, if there aren’t any or many active drivers in that area, there are still plenty of passengers who may need rides. Especially during the evenings when most people are getting off of work and need a ride home, or when the late-night workers need a ride to work.

So the first time I had a passenger take me almost an hour away from my usual post – before I dropped them off – I already had a passenger in queue waiting on me to pick them up. Lyft had already added them to my ride before I even dropped off my current passenger – and I was excited!

**Side note: If you don’t want to pick up any other passengers in a specific area, or if you’re just over it for the day, Lyft gives you an option to sign off during your current ride. There’s a “last ride” button that you can press to inform the Lyft app, that even though you’re currently giving a passenger a ride, you don’t wish to receive anymore once your current ride is over.**

That same night, I made over $150 in less than four hours. What I found, was that there wasn’t a bus line in that particular city and Lyft was their only option for transportation at the time. It was an amazing discovery and allowed me to make over $500 in one week, in less than 20 hours! This was around 8PM and I ended up signing off shortly after midnight.

But Is It Safe To Drive Late At Night?

I’ve had female passengers ask how safe I felt around those times and I’ve come up with the conclusion that most people are really just wanting to get home! They aren’t concerned about who I am and the fact that I am female versus them being male. After all, I made most of my income from Lyft after my kids were in bed, because the mom guilt is real!

The Conclusion

It’s the perfect side hustle for anyone trying to make extra cash, even if you don’t have a vehicle, you can still register with Lyft and join their rideshare program. In conclusion, it is safe to say that the $1500 a month guarantee is legit and their app is constantly updated with the latest events in your cities – from concerts, to ball games, etc. – ensuring that you have enough time to make plans in order to earn extra money.

Most game and concert days allow you to make an extra $5 or more, per ride because of the demand. I’ve seen the surge go up to $80 per ride during a concert I attended in New Orleans. So the earning potential is endless! If you’re a mom, like myself, I assure you that it’s indeed safe. There’s also a ‘911’ button in the app that you can press during your rides, if you felt the need.

I’ve found that most of my passengers are pretty chill and are looking to get from point A to point B. I’ve also found that it’s an enjoyable way to meet new people, explore the town, and make extra cash while doing so. If you have any further questions, you can always email me and I’ll be sure to get back to you. Let me know if this article has helped you decide if you’d rather, or rather not drive with Lyft. I’d love to know your thoughts.


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