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Gift Ideas For Work At Home Moms

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year and mom deserves something special! Working from home is still work and is just as important as if she were getting up and having to travel to work – so I’m pretty sure being comfortable is at the top of her list this year. Here’s a few gift ideas for work at home moms that I know from experience, she’ll love!

Just because mom works from home doesn’t mean she cares to listen and/or hear all of the chatter that’s going on in the home around her. From personal experience, a good set of headphone is a MUST HAVE if you want to keep mom happy during her working hours. While this may sound simple, you may want to consider headphones with a microphone, so that she can take calls between her podcasts and inspirational playlists. 

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With all there is to keep up with, mom will definitely need a planner to start her new year off right. Go for something pretty and motivational. The more attractive the planner, the more she’ll want to use it!

Office Chair.
Sitting for most of the day requires a comfortable desk chair. Let mom know that you care this holiday season and grab her a fashionable and comfortable office chair that she’ll love!

Desk Accessories.

Long gone the days using those boring, black staplers, scissors, and pens. Nowadays, there are so many cute desk accessories on the market and I am certain mom will love them! Being in a home office has it perks and it’s also nice to be able to play around with the decor!

Motivational Canvas Art.

There’s nothing like some good ol’ motivation during the week. Having a few motivational sayings to look at during the day will only increase mom’s morale.

Office Plants.
House plants in general have a number of benefits for the air quality in your home. Gifting mom a house plant to keep in her office will increase her productivity and her overall wellness.

Smart Watch.
Having access to your contacts, your calendar, and other important apps is a really nice benefit of receiving a smart watch as a gift. Not having to carry your phone with you everywhere you go is also a great perk!

Pajamas & Slippers.
One of the best perks of working from home is that you can wear your pj’s for as long as you like! Gifting mom a nice robe, a set of pajamas, and slippers shows how much you care.

Coffee Mugs.
Coffee is the staple to every work from home mom’s morning, or maybe hot tea – however, I’m sure mom can’t get enough of a really cute mug!

Here’s the deal with Chromebooks – if mom uses multiple apps while working that only deal with a browser (blogging, virtual assistant,etc.), then Chromebook may be a great option! Chromebooks allow for more storage than an average Windows computer. When using Chrome in Windows, so much space is taken up and you may end up spending thousands of dollars for a properly functioning laptop that can hold your browser’s storage, photos, bookmarks, and more.

After all, we are talking about the holidays, so gifting mom a thousand dollar laptop isn’t so bad, but if you are looking for a great deal – at a great price – a Chromebook may be a better option.

Laptop Bag. 
With any functioning laptop, there is a need for a laptop bag! Mom may have multiple meetings on the go, or just want to change the scenery from time to time.

This concludes our gift ideas for work at home moms. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and mom deserves something special too! I’m sure there are lots of gift ideas listed that she’ll love and guaranteed to appreciate. Enjoy your holidays!


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