20 Frugal Date Ideas

Whether you’re saving for a house, a family vacation, or paying off debt – dating is still important and a great way to connect with your spouse or significant other. Although spending a boat load of money may not be a priority, connecting with your spouse should be.

Love is about enjoying one another’s company and spreading joy. So here’s a few frugal date ideas that you and your partner will love – all while being enough for each other, no matter how much society tells you it “should” cost. Because love doesn’t cost a thing!

1. Have A Picnic.
Whether it’s in the park, or in the backyard – a picnic is a great idea when you’re on a budget. You can even cook the food yourself to save even more! 
2. Cook Together.
Before you book that fancy restaurant, think about how much money you’ll save if you decided to stay in and cook with your significant other! Between buying a new outfit, paying for gas to get there, paying to park or valet, paying for the meal and tipping – you could have paid a utility bill, or even a small debt. 
3. Go Roller Skating.

Skating rinks aren’t all that popular nowadays (or mainstream, I should say), which means the price to enjoy yourself isn’t inflated. For less than ten bucks per person, you and your loved one could have a super fun and interactive time, enjoying one another! Even if you don’t know how to skate, it would be a great skill to learn with the person you love most by your side – and not mention, hilariously cute!

4. Go Bowling.

Bowling alleys are super fun to hang out in and now, most of them are coming with full bars and loud speakers, to make sure you have a great time!

5. Play A Board Game. 

Board games are classic and a great way to engage with your date by trying to win! So many traits come out when it comes to playing a board game and before you know it – you’ve spent hours together, without even realizing.

6. Make Pizza Instead Of Ordering Pizza. 

I know first-hand that it takes up to an hour to make a pizza from scratch. It’s the latest crave in my house and I’ve found it to be quite engaging. If you and your partner are intimate, it’s a sure-fire way to get your hands on one another by helping each other mix and spread the dough.

7. Go Hiking. 

There are plenty of state and federal parks that are free to enter and enjoy. Take your honey on a hike alongside the mountains, rivers, or lakes. You can even set up a picnic while you’re at it.

8. Go To A Museum.

Museums are notorious for finding out more information on your favorite subjects. If you two have those subjects in common, you can definitely enjoy a stroll in the museum. Although museums charge, most have free days if you’re a local resident. Simply check on that particular’s museum site and I’m sure you’ll find more information on discounts.

9. Grab Coffee.

Personally, I know so many people who can sit at coffee shops forever and thoroughly enjoy the vibe. If coffee is your thing and your date’s thing too, then go for it. If you’re both usually busy working, then grab your laptops and mobile devices and try working together while you’re at it.

10. Watch Movies Inside. 

This one is a no-brainer with services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Vudu. With the latest movies on demand, you can always save that first look for when you and your date have time to sit and watch it together. Throw in a bag of popcorn and your favorite beverages and you’ve saved yourself some cash!

11. Drive/Walk Around Town.

There’s nothing like the open road! After your picnic or dinner inside, grab each other by the hand and take a stroll down your local streets. Or, grab the keys and take a ride to the middle of nowhere and gaze at the stars.

12. Paint Together. 

You’d be surprised at how much paint supplies and canvases actually cost. For under twenty bucks for both of you, you can host your own intimate paint and sip, right in your living room.

13. Put Together A Puzzle. 

Puzzles are exciting to figure out for anybody of any age. My personal favorites are the ones with thousands of little pieces and my significant other and I like to glue the puzzle onto a board once we’re finished. It’s a nice way to show what you two can do when you’re together and focused on a task.

14. Karaoke. 

No, you don’t have to have a karaoke machine to actually participate – but if you do, then that’s nice too! Simply put on some tunes, turn on the lyrics using YouTube and have at it!

15. Give Each Other A Massage.

This is my personal favorite! Grab your favorite carrier oil and rub each other in places that you feel need touched the most. The best part about massaging each other at home (besides not having to spend hundreds of dollars at a time) is that your partner can touch you in places a masseuse can’t. Seriously, there are parts of are bodies that I didn’t know needed attention until they were touched. You can even throw in some hot stones and diffuse essential oils while you’re at it – giving you all the zen vibes.

16. Visit Your Local Beach.

The beach is always a nice and scenic place to unwind. Do it together and incorporate a long walk and a picnic while you’re at it.

17. Use Local Deals Websites.

Websites like Groupon, are super helpful when you’re on a budget. By entering in your location, you can access savings all over town within seconds. From restaurants, to local attractions, and clubs, you can save over half the amount of money you would spend any other night, without the deal.

18. Camp Out. 

Instead of spending cash on a hotel room, you can buy a tent that can be used over and over again. When you feel as if you two just need a night away, camp out on the beach, or even in your own backyard.

19. Learn A New Skill Together. 

We could all learn more, so why not pick up an instrument that you think you two would love to learn, together. As time goes by, you two will master that particular skill together and help each other throughout the entire process.

20. Play Video Games.

Along with board games, playing video games can be super interactive and create tons of fun memories for both of you.

These frugal date ideas are a great way to keep a smile on your partner’s face! Before you know it, you two will have spent so much valuable time together, enjoying each other’s company that you won’t even realize it didn’t cost you much. As you focus on your big goals for the year, you can rest assured that you haven’t forgotten about each other while doing so!


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