Finding Quality-Rated Child Care In Your Area Has Gotten Easier

This post is sponsored by GEEARS: Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready Students; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.”

Making sure your child is happy and healthy is a parents’ number one goal. From deciding a birthing plan, choosing a healthy diet, instilling positive morals and values, to saving for your child’s financial future – deciding to enroll your children into a safe and reliable daycare center isn’t any different! As parents, it’s natural to want the very best out of what life has to offer for our kids, including quality child care.

Enrolling your child into the appropriate child care program doesn’t have to be difficult or daunting task. Transitioning from being at home with our babies, to going back to work full-time can be very strenuous, but choosing quality child care doesn’t have to be. As a mother of two and previously working in a child care center as a lead teacher, I have experienced these feelings many times over – from the perspective of a mother and a teacher. I’ve shed a few tears for myself, my kids, and my students’ parents, but the reality of it is this – most kids are fine after the first few days of being in their classrooms, bonding with their teachers and having other kids accompany them.

Thankfully, there is help with all of this. I know first-hand that there is so much to process during the transition, but with tools like Quality Rated, you can easily search for you and your baby’s specific needs without leaving your home. Quality Rated’s search tool is easy and free to use  and allows you to organize your search options by distance, price, services offered, and Quality Rated star-rating. You can easily access each child care program’s safety and inspection reports, opening hours, teacher credentials and transportation options.

As a new mom a few years ago, this tool is extremely helpful and provides you with necessary information in regards to work schedules and transportation needs. Life happens and you want to make sure that your child care is open as early or as late as you need them to be, to ensure your child is safe and taken care of as you go about your day. You also want to consider your route to and from work, including your commute time when considering the hours that will work best for you and your baby. Quality Rated’s search tool has a “search along a route” option so that you can choose a child care facility that is convenient to your commute.

Finding providers that are sincere and passionate about your child as much as you are is important when considering your child care options. Participating in the Quality Rated program means providers are committed to continually improving their centers and the education they offer. Quality Rated’s tool lists all licensed and license-exempt child care providers in Georgia – Quality Rated or not – to provide you with a comprehensive overview.

Choosing a safe and reliable environment for your child has gotten easier with Quality Rated’s search tool and you can guarantee that you’re making the right choice for your family. Have you heard of Quality Rated? What do you consider when making a child care choice? Take a look at this child care checklist to help you on your search for child care!

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