How To Save Hundreds On Your Kid’s First Mobile Device With Trademore

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There’s ton to consider when buying your child’s first mobile device. Number one, being safety and number two, the cost.
While safety is our top priority as parents, I recommend setting clear boundaries with your kids before starting the initial buying process. Let them know the do’s and dont’s and that possessing a phone is a privilege and should be treated as such. Set a schedule for your child stating what times they can use the phone and in what order.

For example, write out a simple after-school schedule. State the time allotted for homework, chores and then cell phone usage afterwards. That gives everyone in the family the same expectations and everyone can be on the same page.
Secondly, it’s important to consider the cost of your child’s first smartphone and plan the purchase according to your family’s budget. Trademore is a great service to help you stay within your budget on a used smartphone.

If your family is similar to mine and you catch yourself saving your old devices, Trademore is a great tool for trading in your old devices and getting paid to do so. You can take that same money and put it towards your child’s newly recycled device and have it in their hands within a few days!

I’m all about ‘Being Ecomomical’ and Trademore’s service is just that – a money and time saver. To sell your old device, you’ll enter your phone’s detail, let Trademore know the condition it’s in and Trademore will respond with an offer. Once the offer is accepted, they’ll send you prepaid shipping materials, you’ll send in your device and if everything looks good, you’ll get paid!

If you’re solely in the market to buy, Trademore offers tons of savings on smartphones of all
kinds, with free two-day shipping. Every device goes through a 30-point inspection for quality, reliability and functionality. Trademore will then score the device and ONLY sell you a device with a 100% inspection score. This ensures that you don’t have to second-guess the condition which you’ll receive your phone.
Your child’s first smartphone doesn’t have to be brand new and just because it isn’t, that doesn’t mean you have to settle on the quality. With Trademore’s competitive prices, 30-point inspection, 30 day money back guarantee and free 2-day shipping, your child can have their very own smartphone within days.

Don’t forget my advice on selling your old devices. Selling your device is just as easy as buying on Trademore’s site. It’s super easy to find out the value of your phone. Receive the value and the prepaid packaging quickly and your offer is locked-in for 30 days. I count this as a win-win situation for all parents! Try it today to see how much you can earn from your old device.

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