Boredom Buster Ideas Perfect To Keep Kids Busy And Learning

Boredom Buster Ideas Perfect To Keep Kids Busy And Learning - Being Ecomomical

I hear it all the time – your kids are home for an extended amount of time and you simply don’t know what to do about the incoming energy. For most parents, these foreseen times can seem stressful because you may not necessarily know how to keep them entertained for an extended period of time, but no worries – we’ve got you covered with a few, simple ideas to help keep your kids busy and educated while out of school.

Boredom Buster Ideas Perfect To Keep Kids Busy And Learning - Being Ecomomical

Whether it’s Spring break, kids home for the holidays, or it’s mandated that we’re all staying home – having the tools necessary to survive your kids’ everlasting energy is actually doable and pretty easy if you’re prepared. These boredom buster ideas are fun for everyone and you can even find yourself jumping in on the fun also!

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Board Games
When you think of board games, I bet memory foundation and cognitive skills don’t come to mind right away. However, these are some of the greatest benefits of having board games accessible in your home. Board games help with reading, speeds up kids’ natural response and overall, is time well spent for the entire family!

Robot Kits
Robot kits come in a variety of forms. Some are way simpler than others, but all of them promote fine motor skills and helps kids learn the basics of physics, programming, solar power, STEM and machinery.

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Science Kits 
Similar to robot kits, science kits come in a variety of difficulty levels from easy to advanced. Science kits have a way of saving you some time, being that all of the items needed are already included and you can just watch your kids enjoy!

There’s nothing like a good ol’ puzzle! Personally, I love buying poster boards to glue the entire puzzle onto once the kids are finished. Puzzles are great for improving memory, advancing problem-solving skills, increasing IQ, lowers stress levels (I mean, just watch how quiet your little ones get), improves mood and they are even known to lower stress levels.

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There are so many craft ideas out there. You can craft for a specific holiday, a specific season, or just for fun! Did you know that your kids can benefit from arts and crafts, too? Arts and crafts for kids improve coordination and fine motor skills, helps them express themselves, helps with them becoming more independent, creative and productive, all while helping them think critically. Something so simple, with so many benefits!

Another benefit for you as the parent, is that you don’t have to stress planning these types of activities. Simply invest in crayons, markers, poster boards, paint brushes and paint – and watch them create away!

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Baking And Cooking 
Another great fine motor skill here, if you don’t mind the mess. Cooking and baking with kids can be so fun. You can expect their language to continue to develop as they learn new terms, watch their math and reading skills improve and they will eventually develop some scientific concepts as well.

Cooking also teaches important life skills and helps promote healthy eating. After a few months, watch how independent they become and hopefully, as they develop into teens, they can fix you a nice dinner!

Cooking, crafting and all of the activities mentioned above involve lots of messes and someone is going to have to clean it all up. I get it! So why not teach your kids how to clean up after themselves? This is such an important life skill to help teach kids to be independent, responsible and to learn the value of hard work!

Gardening engages all of the senses, promotes healthy eating, responsibility and independence that will last them a lifetime! Kids will constantly engage in find motor skills and gain more knowledge of scientific concepts.

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Painting can help kids cope with so many different emotions without having to say a word! Kids who engage in painting learn how to express themselves through art, develop hand-eye coordination and helps stimulates a child’s senses. Easels are a great investment and can grow with your child as they age. Easels also provide the opportunity to pain whenever the child feels like doing so.

Same benefits as painting with less of a mess. Drawing will aid the urge to do more arts and crafts as a child develops and keeps them busy for hours at a time!

Sewing And Knitting
Again, fine motor skills are easily developed as a child learns to sew and knit. This activity will also teach a child patience and how to follow instructions as they go through each direction. Not to mention, sewing is a useful skill teaching independence that will come in handy later down the road.

Playing Or Learning A New Instrument
Let’s never forget about this one. Music is a universal language and can heal just about anything – including boredom! Learning to play a new instrument opens up a world of possibilities for your child and helps them develop a deep appreciation for music as they advance. Playing an instrument will not only keep them busy, but it also reduces stress, improves memory, cultivates creativity and surprisingly; strengthens a child’s immune system.

These boredom busters are great for keeping kids busy while at home during break, or homeschooling. Not only will they remain occupied, but they can also learn important skills from these activities. I hope this was helpful.


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