Tips For Making Bath Time More Relaxing To Alleviate Stress

Bath time should be relaxing and peaceful and not something you rush through, just to get the job done. Think about it, you’ve been taking care of everyone else and their needs, you need a little time yourself as well. I get it, sometimes, we don’t really have the time to pamper ourselves, but if we keep these tips in mind, setting up a bath time routine to alleviate stress and create more peace, can be simpler than you think.

Tips For Making Bath Time More Relaxing To Alleviate Stress - Being Ecomomical

Think about how you prepared for your babies. All of the toys you bought specifically for bath time, the care and time you take to actually bathe your babies and toddlers – and how you rub them down at the end of it all. Think about how calm your babies seem afterwards. You should be thinking of yourself, your sanity and your body in the same light.

You are just as important and without you and your sanity, no one in your household will thrive. Try these helpful tips for making bath time more relaxing to alleviate all of the stresses from the day and come back and tell me how much better you feel!

If you’re looking to instantly relax, you may love this playlist of meditation music to help calm your nerves and soothe your mind. Be sure to check it out and add it to your Spotify or Apple Music playlist for instant, future use.

1. Create A Peaceful Space

The number one tip I can give is to create a relaxing space in your bathroom. Tidy it up by making sure dirty clothes have a space, like a cute hamper. It does a lot for your mental to have dirty clothes in a particular space, other than the floor.

Make sure everything has a place. This will actually make you feel better mentally and create more space in your area. Initially, you’ll be creating a more inviting space and will actually want to spend time in your bathroom, doing nothing short of relaxing.

2. Decorate Your Bathroom

Try putting flowers in specific spaces in your bathroom, to draw you in more. The more decorated a space is, the more you’ll want to spend time in that space. Same for your bathroom. Try living plants and non-living plants.

Grab some LED candles that can easily be lit when it’s bath time, which will save you a few seconds, giving you more time to relax.

Also, hang some motivational or relaxing quote canvases around the bathroom. This will give you gentle reminders of who you are and create positive messages to say yourself as you stare at them.

3. Add Candles To Set A Mood

Candles are a nice way to boost your mood and come in several sizes to fit your particular liking. AS mentioned above, you can add some LED candles if you don’t want to deal with lighters and matches. Some even come with REMOTES, how cool is that?

Or, you can add some floating tea candles to your bath for a more romantic and spa-like feel. After all, we’re treating ourselves here. So go all out!

You can even add some lanterns to sit on top of some nearby nesting tables that can easily be placed next to your tub.

Lanterns can also be placed around the tub, or on the floor, next to the tub.

4. Try A Simple Bath Soak

Epsom salt is mainly known for helping you relax while soaking in the tub and soothing minor aches and pains, while also reducing swelling. This the perfect remedy for a long, tiresome day!

Try this simple, detox bath recipe:
-2 Cups Epsom Salts
-10 Drops Lavender Oil (where to get 100% Lavender EO)
-1/2 Cup Baking Soda

This will help extract toxins from your body, lower your stress levels and even balance your pH levels.

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5. Keep Some Essential Oils Handy 

There are so many essential oils on the market, but here’s where you can find 100% essential oils to help you relax and recharge for the following day. Add a few drops of essential oils with a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba and pour into the tub to add a super soothing and relaxing effect to your bath.

You can use a combination of oils, depending on your mood. If you’re wanting to relax and get ready for bed, then use certain oils like:


If you’re wanting to alleviate some minor aches and pains, you can add oils like:

-Panaway (get this special blend, here)
-Theives (specially made, here)
-Copaiba (get it here)

While if you’re wanting to boost your mood, you can add oils like:


And don’t forget your diffuser! When dealing with these 100% essential oils, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right diffuser, made of natural materials, that won’t ruin the actual diffuser.

6. Add Some Music!

Did you know listening to music can improve your health? Listening to music helps to reduce stress levels, lessens feelings of anxiousness and provides comfort – all of the things you need while making bath time more relaxing!

Research shows that blood flows more easily when music is played and instantly boosts your mood. Try adding a shower radio in your bathroom, so that you can just turn it on as you prepare your bath. Or even a bluetooth speaker, so that you can create a playlist, just for bath time.

Even better, you can combine aromatherapy from the essential oils mentioned above AND play music, with this super elegant, chic and water resistant diffuser.

You may also love this playlist of meditation music to help boost your productivity and concentration. Be sure to check it out and add it to your Spotify or Apple Music playlist for instant, future use.

Tips For Making Bath Time More Relaxing To Alleviate Stress - Being Ecomomical
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7. Try A DIY Face Mask

A face mask can be super relaxing and helps increase hydration to dry and dehydrated skin. This will also help with confidence throughout the day, being that the condition of our facial appearance has a lot to do with how we feel about ourselves.

Face masks also give you firmer skin and evens skin tones. It’s the perfect addition to a more relaxing bath routine!

8. Eye Masks

Don’t have the time for a mask, try a soothing eye mask instead. Eye masks are perfect for reducing under eye puffiness and the appearance of dark circles. They also help eyes to appear brighter and make you look more energized.

Which after all of this pampering, you will be!

Tips For Making Bath Time More Relaxing To Alleviate Stress - Being Ecomomical

9. Add A Bath Pillow 

Bath pillows are perfect for long soaks in the tub. They prevent sore back and neck pains, making your bath time routine more relaxing and adding more comfort as you soak and enjoy this time to yourself.

10. Invest In A Waterproof Electric Massager

The ultimate relaxation and spa-like feel, is adding a waterproof vibrating massager to create a more relaxing bath time routine.

Light, portable electric massagers are perfect to keep in your bathroom in a place that’s easily accessible to you. These massagers press and soothe your muscles, alleviating pain, calming your nerves and relaxing your brain to relieve stress!

Now, you don’t have to have all of these thing available before starting a relaxing bath time routine. Take it a few steps at time. Start with making sure your bathroom is clean everyday out of the week. Then move on to another step and watch how your mood starts to improve as you work your way down the list.

Then, once you finally have everything checked off, you know you’re right on the money for making bath time more relaxing and alleviating all of that unnecessary stress, helping you sleep better at night, improving your mood and getting you prepared for the next day ahead.


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