Road Trip Bingo For Kids

Are you planning your next road trip with the entire family? If you are, I’m pretty sure the first thing on your mind is ‘Well, what will we do to entertain the kids?”

Road trip games
That’s where road trip bingo comes in. These bingo cards are the perfect road trip games ideas for kids of all ages. 
You can even laminate them at home so that they last longer. 
Keep in mind that you’ll need something to place as markers. I highly recommend stickers for this particular road trip game. Also note, the license plates don’t have to be exact, but see if the kids can find the state. 
The file comes with three bingo board printables. Just print them on your computer and viola! 
This is what your road trip bingo game should look like before printing. Be sure to print the PDF and not the web page. 

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