Toddler Dress Ideas For Fall

One of my favorite seasons is approaching and I couldn’t help myself. I love shopping for each season a bit earlier to avoid things being sold out. I also like to keep my eye on things that I love for my kids, in case (which there always will be) I can catch these items on sale.

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Why dresses, specifically? Just like for myself, dresses are so easy to slip on and call it a day. In my younger days, working in retail, I would buy dresses first, because they turned out to cost less than an entire outfit – but still counted as an entire outfit! Pair with some sandals for summer, or boots for fall and winter – and you’re done! 
Same thing with my daughter, I love dressing her in the cutest little dresses and boots for fall. When the weather gets really cold, or we travel to colder climates, I always pack a pair of tights to go underneath. Also, dresses can easily be worn in the hotter months as well, saving you lots of money on clothes for your little one as the weather changes. 
Before blogging, I would always tell my closest friends (because they always wanted to know where I purchased my daughter’s cute clothes) about Children’s Place! From the ongoing deals, their generous points program and cutest styles, Children’s Place has always been my ‘go-to’ for both kids
Signing up for their points program is easy. All you have to do is sign up with your email address or opt-in to receive text messages and you’ll automatically receive $10 off your NEXT purchase. That alone, is what had me going back. I would always shop the sale for one kid and use my points from that purchase, to shop for the other. For every dollar spent, you earn a point, which eventually adds up to Place Cash, that you can use on future purchases. It’s such a money-saver for when I need to shop for both kids, plus Children’s Place always has FREE SHIPPING, with no minimum purchase. 
If that doesn’t sound like enough for you, then how about a Children’s Place credit card? Not only is a great way to build credit, but as a card holder, you can enjoy twice the points on every purchase and lots of special offers like 25% on your child’s birthday, 30% off your first credit card purchase and 20% off when you receive your card, plus so much more! 
All in all, I love matching pieces together for my kids. I hope you found these toddler dresses for fall ideas useful. 

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