How To Throw An Epic Family Movie Night At Home

If you’re looking for a special way to entertain the family and spend some quality time, these family movie night ideas are just for you

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There’s no doubt that finding fun and entertaining things to do at home, can sometimes be a challenge.

Between kids becoming bored easily and feeling as if you’re running out of things to do – it can be overwhelming to get everyone in the family to spend quality time with one another, let alone having some actual FUN.

The good news is family movie night can and almost always – be the perfect anecdote.

And we’re not just talking about gathering around the TV, finding something to watch and popping a bag of popcorn for everyone to share (although these things are also fun).

If you’re really want to make entertaining the kids and the entire family special, then these movie night ideas are sure to turn things up a notch.

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Plan Ahead

I think the most annoying part about planning something special is not having your stuff together. Throwing parties, or events, big or small, as a family movie night, can easily overwhelm you if you don’t plan accordingly.

Again, these tips won’t make or break your night with the family. Trust me, a good meal, a few laughs and some cuddles are all we ever need to make family night memorable and enjoyable.

But if you’re wanting to make a huge deal of the festivities, then you will want to plan ahead.

You can even bookmark this post for later for a special occasion, like the holidays, Valentine’s Day, or even a birthday.

Add Some Movie Cinema Decor

As you can see, there are some really cute movie theater decor packages you can purchase.

And if you’re not feeling the cinema theme, you can decorate however you’d like.

Themed decorations always spark some sort of joy for the kids and I love decorating the house (or designated area in the house) around a theme.

Kids play pretend all of the time. So, this is my way of bringing the theater to them and they loved it. They even expressed to me how much they “appreciated” movie night.

Create A Menu

When I suggested turning things up a notch – I meant just that. Go beyond the popcorn and recreate some of your family’s favorite movie snacks.

This can include nachos for the kids, someone’s favorite candy, some homemade or frozen pretzels, pizza, and of course popcorn.

Bonus if you add dinner options. That way dinner and the movie are covered – a total mom win! Don’t forget something to drink.

This can be a fun, signature drink that correlates with the movie, or something simple and sweet that everyone can enjoy for the occasion.

Create A Movie Night Buffet 

Your buffet can be as simple, or extravagant as you want to make it. I suggest finding a designated space first. This can be your kitchen table, buffet table, or even your coffee table!

Then, according to your menu, you can decide what foods will go where.

For instance, I knew I wanted to include nachos, so I decided I would put them front and center. These were the ‘special’ treat this time around, being that we don’t have them often, outside of the movie theater. I really wanted to provide the theater-vibe for them.

Then, I added boxes under the tablecloth, to raise the popcorn and candies on both sides. Again, this is completely optional. You don’t always have to add depth, but it gives the table an instant boost as to how it looks.

Shop the decor below:

Choose Movies Everyone In The Family Will Enjoy

I think we can all agree that the food is one the easiest things to come up with for movie night. It’s the actual movie that can make or break the level of excitement for everyone. Especially something suitable for both kids and adults.

“The best stories are Universal” is a theme known to be valued and true, from NBC Universal. For decades, Universal has been providing families with non-stop entertainment that everyone can enjoy.

Like Trolls for example. Trolls release makes for a fun movie night in with the family and is an enjoyable movie for all ages.

Then, you can celebrate a classic throwback like E.T. That way, there’s something suitable for everyone.

It’s always super special to be able to share something from YOUR very own childhood, with your children. There’s no better feeling than passing those unforgettable memories on.

The best part about all of this – these movies can be conveniently ordered through

Select DVDS will include an exclusive Universal Pictures cinch bag as a gift with purchase, only available at Walmart and

These are just the basic steps to creating fun and unforgettable movie night ideas at home with the family.

Again, movie night doesn’t have to be super extravagant. These ideas are more about bringing the movies to you, versus you going to it.

You can literally do whatever you want to make the night special and memorable for everyone.

Movie night is the perfect family bonding activity and is perfect for all ages to enjoy.

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