7 Ways To Style A Maxi Dress This Fall

The changing of seasons means the changing of style and although some people may think it’s out of their budgets to keep up – I’m here to tell you that switching from hot to cool weather doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. 

casual maxi dresses

Transitioning can be so much fun if you know how to do it right and cost-efficiently. To most people’s surprise, you can focus on one item at a time, add different pieces, and make tons of different looks. 

Today we’re going with the maxi dress.

A maxi dress is a staple for just about every season because they’re so versatile and don’t really take much to style. You may be wondering hot style a maxi dress for fall, or maxi dress outfit ideas. 

how to wear a maxi dress

When transitioning into cooler months, you can take one of your favorites and wear it multiple ways for many different occasions. This can save you time and money – and that’s what ‘Being Ecomomical’ is all about. 

With A Peacoat

A peacoat is a simple way to turn your plain maxi dress into a trendy day time outfit. Go for any color, like tan, gray, or even maroon for the fall feel and look. Layer it with a scarf and your favorite crossbody – and you’ve got a look! 

A Pair Of Sneakers

Take your favorite pair of sneakers and throw them on for a day out on the town! Pair with your favorite leather jacket, denim jacket, or scarf and feel comfortable as you go about your day.

Leather Jacket

Dressing up a maxi dress can seem like it takes a bunch of effort, but adding a leather jacket on top can take your maxi dress from 0 to 100, really quickly! A leather jacket can be worn day or night and can make any outfit look chic.

how to wear a maxi dress during fall


If you’ve opted for a plain maxi dress, dress it up with a waist belt, throw on your favorite shoes and go about your day. A belt is also a great way to add some shape and show off your figure. 

A Blazer

A blazer can be worn in many different ways and over a maxi dress is no different. Pair with your sneaker and dress look, a pair of ankle booties, or mules and you’ve pulled off a sophisticated style with only a few pieces! 

An Oversized Sweater

An oversized sweater is a great way to make your one dress look as if it’s an entirely different outfit, by layering it. 

Ankle Booties

Know that we know sneakers can take a maxi dress to a whole new level, then why not ankle boots? This is a simple way to turn your daytime outfit into a nighttime outfit without any effort. 

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