Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Thanksgiving is the time where families come together from all over, sit around the table, and catch on memories and most of all – eat the most delicious and well-prepared meals we crave all year. 

thanksgiving scavenger hunt

From the turkey, to the infamous sweet potato casserole and beyond – we all wait until this time of year to bring our best meals forward as we gather and entertain our closest family and friends. 


When it comes to the little people of the family, it can be challenging trying to entertain them all at once and making sure they’re enjoying themselves. You may be asking yourself, what are some Thanksgiving activities kids can enjoy? 

This Thanksgiving scavenger hunt is the perfect Thanksgiving game for kids and makes the best Thanksgiving activities for all ages. 

Simply press the ‘download now’ button below the photo and you’re ready to roll. 

You can have kids fill their boxes in with Thanksgiving-themed stickers, markers, or even crayons. You can even laminate them for the Thanksgiving holidays to come. If you go with that option, try letting the kids use dry-erase markers, so that these free Thanksgiving scavenger hunt printables last. 

Free Thanksgiving scavenger hunt for kids

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