12 Festive Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies are perfect for serving at any holiday dinner or event. They are also a delicious sweet treat that you can enjoy with friends and family after a simple meal or as an easy, sweet snack.

easy christmas cookies

Cookies are easy to make and versatile. You can alter just about any cookie recipe to make it the way you want it which is why they are a great holiday treat.

If you are looking for some delicious and cute Christmas cookies to serve to friends and family, these holiday cookies are sure to be hit with both kids and adults. From traditional Christmas cookies with a twist, to popular Christmas cookies and beyond – you’re sure to find something to suit everyone’s tastes buds.

Slightly chewy with a bit of a crunch, these delicious cranberry cookies are perfect for a holiday treat or snack.

italian christmas cookies

Italian Christmas Cookies

A delicious cake like cookie, these Italian Christmas cookies are topped with a sweet sugar glaze for a delicious treat.

Vanilla Pudding Cake Cookies

The perfect sweet treat for the holidays, these vanilla pudding cake cookies will be a hit with everyone in the family.

Soft Gingerbread Cookies

These soft gingerbread cookies are not just delicious, they are also healthy due to the mix of flaxseed and pecans.

Christmas Wreath Cookies

A no bake Christmas treat, these holiday wreath cookies are made with marshmallows, vanilla, sprinkles and more.

No Bake Peppermint Dipped Cookies

You won’t believe how easy these no bake cookies are to make! Deliciously dipped in peppermint, they are sure to be a hit.

OREO Christmas Cookies

Taking OREOS to a whole new holiday level, these cookies are dipped in white chocolate with a few chocolate M&M’s on top.

Santa Sugar Cookies

A cute addition to any holiday cookie tray, these delicious cookies are made with refrigerated cookie dough for an easy cookie treat.

Jam Thumbprint Cookies

With a combination of tart jam and a buttery sweet crumb cookie, these thumbprint cookies are a delicious holiday cookie to enjoy.

Christmas Brownie Cookies

An easy and inexpensive cookie recipe, these Christmas brownie cookies are sure to delight friends and family.

Powdered Sugar Spiced Cookies

With just the right amount of sweetness, these spiced cookies are topped with sweet powdered sugar to bring it all together.

Loaded Peppermint Cookies

Perfect for peppermint lovers, these quick and easy cookies are loaded with peppermint for a minty fresh holiday cookie.

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