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best dog foods for sensitive stomachs

Supporting your dog’s digestive health is just as important as supporting your own. The digestive system is home to the largest immune cells in a dog’s body, which ultimately works to protect your dog inside and out.

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You can help your dog stay happy and healthy with the right foods and supplements that are made to improve your dog’s overall gut health. If you’re wondering about what foods help support your dog’s digestive health, Wellness CORE Digestive Health Dog Food does the job.

Because digestive health is fundamental to your dog’s immunity, energy level and skin & coat, introducing Wellness CORE Digestive Health to their dog’s diet is highly beneficial.

CORE Digestive Health Dry Food is highly digestible, supports a healthy microbiome, supports immunity and promotes vitality. 

Wellness CORE Digestive Health Lamb Paté is also highly digestible, helps with a lustrous coat & healthy skin, supports immunity, and is grain-free. Plus, CORE Digestive’s Health Bowl Boosters are an easy way to add great flavor with guaranteed levels or probiotics to help support healthy digestion.

Why Is Gut Health So Important For Dogs?

Your dog’s immune system is responsible for protecting your dog from infection. Protecting your dog from gut bacteria protects them from developing any type of disease.

Gut bacteria is also linked to mental health in animals, which is why it’s also important to pay attention to their diet, so that you can promote overall happiness.

That is why good dog food that promotes nutrition is the foundation for them to grow and develop.

Dogs need Omega-3 fatty acids to maintain a healthy coat of hair and a nice sheen. Foods with an adequate amount of Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce irritations and protect our dog’s coat from conditions in their environment.

Wellness CORE Digestive Health Pate’ includes Omega-3, ensuring your dog gets the proper amount they need in their diet to maintain healthy skin and a lustrous coat.


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Vitamins and minerals work to reduce cell damage and Wellness CORE Digestive Health Dry Food and Health Bowl Boosters work together to provide great flavor with guaranteed levels of probiotics to help support healthy digestion.

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