Mini Bake Shop From Klutz – The Perfect Educational At-Home Activity For Kids

Thank your Klutz, a division of Scholastic for sponsoring this post. Hands-on learning and a healthy dose of fun!

March is Craft Month and the perfect time to gather the kids and the entire family for some creative fun and learning!

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Parents can celebrate with their kids during this time with educational kits that include crafts that encourage creativity and critical thinking.

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Klutz is a division of Scholastic, the world’s largest publisher, and distributor of children’s books. For nearly three decades, Klutz has been creating activity kits for kids that stimulate creativity and critical thinking for children of all ages.

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Educational toys and craft kits offer a number of benefits to children like hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and problem-solving skills.

The Mini Bake Shop is the perfect at-home activity for your kids and the best part – it encourages independent play. Watch your child’s imagination come to life as they create their own mini treats, package them in the bakery box (which is included), and put it on display for their “customers” to see.

Kids can create and decorate their own mini cakes, cookies, and pies with easy, no-bake, air-dry clay. Personally, I love the “no-mess” factor of this particular clay that dries within minutes. It’s far from sticky and when it dries, the clay still keeps its shape. We’ve had this donut around for the past couple of days and it has been a token of joy to create for my daughter.

Finding the best educational activities that are also interesting to your child can be challenging, but this particular kit from Klutz hit it right on the nail. It’s colorful enough to capture your child’s attention, yet challenging enough to require energy, attention and thinking.

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From having to read the instructions carefully, learn how to use the tools that come with the kit and how to construct the mini baked goods – this kit was a great learning tool to build confidence in reading and nurture her creativity, all at the same time.

The Mini Bake Shop kit includes all of the ingredients and instructions for rolling out clay just like fondant. The kit comes with 8 colors of air-dry clay, double-tipped clay tool, rolling tool, glaze, glitter, micro beads, bead eyes, pearls and so much more for your little one to enjoy making their own treats for their very own bakery shop.

Klutz provides easy and clear instructions that support independent play and crafting. Not only is finding educational, hands-on activity kits a plus, but having an activity around that keeps kids engaged is a winner.

The Mini Bake Shop is a great way of building independence as your child has the instructions right in front of them. Then, when they’ve finally finished their baked goods, they can show you how much they accomplished, giving them a great sense of accomplishment and boosts their self-esteem.

The Mini Bake Shop provides hours of fun and a huge variety of crafts and activities to choose from. It’s the perfect activity while we’re at home!

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