Reindeer Connect The Dots Christmas Learning Activity For Early Learners

Christmas Learning Activities

Who says the holidays can’t be for learning? If you’ve been following me for some time, then you know my heart is still into early childhood education. Throughout my years of teaching preschool, I became extremely passionate about early childhood education and I still vouch for learning as early as possible til this day!

Christmas Learning Activities

This reindeer connect the dots Christmas learning activity is great practice for early learners and super fun for older ones as well. I’ve always loved connect-the-dots worksheets as a kid and it’s been a pleasure working with my significant other to get this available to my readers.

So what can your child, or student expect from this worksheet?

You can expect your child to continue to their cognitive and motor skills as they process which number comes after the other. 
Mobility, as your child physically connects each number. 
Logic and reasoning, as your child quickly (depending on the level), connects one number to the next and draws a line in-between each dot. 
Attention, as this worksheet requires a great deal of focus as your early learner completes numbers one to through one-hundred. 
Sometimes, we don’t even realize how these simple, engaging activities can actually help our child in the long run. Not only do they practice all of these important skills at once, your early learner can also get creative at the end. This reindeer printable also comes with an answer key and once your learner is done, let them go to town with festive colors in the form of washable paint, crayons, markers, or even glitter! You can even laminate it for reusable purposes. 
This worksheet is great for the classroom, or even to print out and have as an activity at your next holiday dinner! Happy Holidays!

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Christmas Learning Activities

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