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Postpartum Outfit Ideas That Are Guaranteed To Make You Feel Amazing

When you think of postpartum clothing, I’m sure baggy, oversized, and boring are a few words that come to mind. The good news is that postpartum clothing no longer has to be boring to be comfortable.

In fact, there are plenty of brands that cater to expecting mothers and mothers who have just given birth – or moms in general.

There are plenty of stylish options that are guaranteed to offer comfort and make you feel normal again.

postpatrum outfits

As a new mom, you’ve stocked up on all of the newborn essentials – but when it’s time to take baby on the go, you may feel overwhelmed by what you’re going to wear yourself.

You may be breastfeeding and wondering how you’re going to do so once it’s time to start moving around, or once your maternity leave is up.

You may also feel bombarded by the constant pressure to feel like yourself again – which is totally normal.

It’s just as important that you feel great about yourself and your postpartum body, as you do taking care of your newborn.

When choosing a postpartum wardrobe, be sure you stay true to what makes you feel good, but also comfortable. You have to remember that your body just performed a miracle and it needs the upmost attention and care. This applies to your wardrobe as well.

pospartum work clothes

That’s why maternity clothes are a great option for your postpartum wardrobe.

Maternity clothes are made with extra space around your belly, hips and breast, which makes fitting into them a breeze. They’re also made especially for breastfeeding moms to give you ease when it’s time to feed.

Motherbee Maternity has a variety of maternity and postpartum outfit options. From dresses, to comfortable nursing tops and maternity pants – finding something that suits your needs and style is made easy!

Denim Dress With Adjustable Belt

This button-up denim dress is a staple piece for any wardrobe. It’s comfortable to wear during your pregnancy, has enough room to wear after baby and the buttons make breastfeeding an easy task while you’re on the go.

comfortable postpartum clothes
cute postpartum outfits

Pair this denim dress with your favorite sneakers, sandals, or wedges and you’ve got yourself a look! I even added a cute waist bag for a bit of edge.

postpartum outfit ideas

Denim is super versatile, so you can get a ton of wear from this dress and you’ll never run out of ways to style it.

Pin Stripe Dress With Weave Belt

Another button up dress that doubles as a stylish and comfortable piece, while also giving you access to easy breastfeeding.

best post pregnancy clothes

The pin stripe pattern is classic and can be styled up, or down.

I chose to go with white, low-top sneakers and a leather backpack, but this can easily be paired with a block heel and evening bag for those girls night out, or date nights.

Striped Pastel Maxi Dress

The colors in this dress instantly screamed “must have.” The light pink and blues are perfect for the summer.

best clothes after giving birth

Plus, off-shoulder dresses have a way of making you feel elegant, and we all know, as new moms, we need as much elegance as we can get!

Flowy dresses are also great for during and after pregnancy. So this dress was definitely a win!

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All of these looks are brought to you be Motherbee Maternity. Use code: TORCHE20 to get 20% off.

Motherbee Maternity offers fashionable, affordable and quality maternity and postpartum clothing. There are tons of styles to choose from and something for every mom.

Congrats on your new bundle of joy and all the best on your motherhood journey!

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