Effortless Summer Mom Outfit Ideas

Summertime is finally here and it’s time to start planning for graduations, weddings, vacations, and everyday trips with the family. 

Styling outfits for the hotter months can be a breeze when you know exactly how to put your pieces together. 

You’ve probably heard the term “mom uniform,” and although it can be said in a joking manner, the term can be used for guiding you on what items go well together. 

Whether you’re going for the chic look or an outfit on the go, these summer mom outfits are sure to keep you feeling confident and stylish! 

summer mom outfits

Oversized Tee – Oversized Button Up + Shorts

This is the perfect mom outfit combo for cooler days. Having an extra layer, even during the summer months, is always convenient for when the temperature unexpectedly drops due to rain or nightfall. Pair this look with some sandals, or sneakers and you’re on your way! 

Short-Sleeve Denim Top + White Jeans

This is a classic combo for any occasion. Denim tops pair well with any color bottom, but you just can’t go wrong with pairing white jeans with them for the summer! Any neutral-colored shoe and bag would g perfect with this combo – and can be dressed up or down. 

mom outfits for summer

Maxi Dress + Short Sleeve Denim Vest 

If you’re wondering how to add a bit of flair to your maxi dress over the summer, try a short-sleeve denim vest! It’s the perfect piece to add an extra layer, without overheating. 

Striped Tee + White Ripped Jeans

You can also wear white jeans this summer with striped and patterned tee shirts. Throw on some mules, flats, sneakers or sandals and you’ve got yourself a comfortable, yet chic look! 

Oversized Tee + Leopard Print Midi Skirt

Leopard print is always in – any season, any temperature, any occasion – it’s a YES! 

Screen Tee + Leopard Print Skirt + Mules

This is the perfect combination for summer nights and days with the girls, or hubby. With that being said, don’t hesitate to rock this combo out with the kids. If you’re feeling it, then go right ahead mama, you deserve it. Mules aren’t too high of a heel and they’re super comfortable to wear while out and about with the family.

White Tee + Black Jeans + White Sneakers

This classic never gets old and can easily be on repeat throughout the summer. It’s a perfect casual mom outfit for running errands, pickups and drop-offs to summer camp. 

Camo Tee + Ripped Jeans + Slide On Sandals 

Ripped jeans are my personal go-to for the summer. If you want the secret to the “cool mom” outfit – this is it! Pair this easy ensemble with some slide-on sandals and your favorite bag and you’ve got yourself a look. 

Short Jumpsuit + Slides

There’s nothing like grabbing one item from your closet and that item making up an entire outfit. Keep a straw bag for these types of days to pair with it, your favorite slides or sneakers and you can rest assure you have a chic mom outfit. 

Oversized Button Down + Ripped Tucked Jeans + Slide On Sandals 

Birkenstock sandals are the perfect shoes for this casual summer outfit. 

Oversized Button Down + Shorts + Slides 

The perfect combo for any beach day, day out with the family and even great for nights. Oversized blouses leave plenty of room for your skin to still breath as you enjoy your summer days. 

Off The Shoulder Top + Shorts + Rattan Bag

Off-the-shoulder tops are perfect for the summer. Pair this casual top with your favorite shorts, grab a rattan bag for the season and you’re on your way. 

Romper + Closed Toe Sandals + Waist Belt

Give your rompers a facelift this summer by adding a waist belt, a fedora hat and your favorite sandals to pull off the ultimate summer mom outfit that’s comfortable, stylish and chic. 

Romper + Sneakers

You can also pair this stylish summer piece with sneakers. Trips to the zoo, museum, days out with the kids and so forth – your feet will thank you! 

Romper + Strappy Heels 

This is the perfect summer mom outfit uniform for when you want to feel like you’ve dressed up, without actually having to. This mom uniform is great for girl’s night outs, vacation ideas, and date nights. 

Off The Shoulder Dress + Wedge Heels

Dresses are perfect for the summer as well. Pair this off-the-shoulder dress with some wedges for a stylish look to weddings, graduations and summer parties. 

cool mom outfits for summer

Maxi Dress + Sneakers

Another classic for the summer. You can’t go wrong with pairing your favorite pair of sneakers with your favorite maxi dress! 

casual mom outfits

Off The Shoulder Top + Ripped Jeans

You can also pair your favorite off-the-shoulder tops with ripped jeans. Grab your favorite flats, strappy sandals, or espadrille sandals while you’re at it, to complete the look. 

Off The Shoulder Top + High-Waist Wide-Legged Pants 

This combo is chic enough for vacation days, but is also comfortable enough for your normal summer day – whehter shopping with the kids, a day or night out in town, or what have you.

White On White On White

This is the classic combination for summer days. If you have a white top, white bottoms and white shoes, then you have a summer outfit. 

Oversized Tee + Camo Pants

Camouflage pants are a must for any capsule wardrobe. This print can be worn throughout the entire year. Pair these pants with an oversized tee of any color and some slides. 

Striped Dress + Slides 

Again, this is perfect for vacations, but also comfortable enough for everyday summer days. You can also pair this striped dress with sneakers or wedges. 

Oversized Button-Down + High-Waist Wide Leg Jeans + Mules

This is a classic summer ensemble. Oversized button-down shirts are perfect to wear year-round and this piece goes well with a knot over high-waisted wide-leg jeans. Wide-eg jeans are also great with slide-on mules and sandals. 

casual summer mom outfits

T-Shirt + Denim Skirt

Overall, summer outfits can be super simple and still look trendy. Take the classic tee with a denim skirt for example. This can be worn in a variety of ways, with different tees and different length skirts throughout the entire season. Pair this ensemble with a pair of espadrille, sandals, flats, or sneakers and you’ve got yourself a super chic look for summer. 

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