Game Day Party Ideas For Hosting An Epic Throwdown For Your Super Bowl Party

Whether you’re a fan, or new to football, I think we can all agree that Super Bowl Sunday is a great time to gather your family and friends for fun, laughs and a good time! For the big game, hosting can be easy with these simple game day party ideas. You can also find inspiration for football birthday party ideas here, too.

super bowl party ideas

Keep everyone entertained with a few Game Day party games like bingo or Pictionary, keep them full with tasty football-themed treats and give them something to post to the ‘Gram with some simple football decor.

You don’t have to be the biggest football fan to host a grand game day, or Super Bowl party. Football decorations can go well with just about any home decor, especially the rustic look. Even if you’re hosting a small gathering, you can get plenty of inspiration from the balloon garland, small appetizer ideas and more!

Try A Football Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands have become very popular over the years and they’re not just for birthday parties and weddings. You can definitely get one to match the football theme for Super Bowl and set the tone for your entire setup! Guests will love the feature and it’s a great look overall.

football party decorations ideas | ideas for super bowl party
football decorations balloons super bowl party balloons | ideas for super bowl party
super bowl party decorations balloons | ideas for super bowl party

Shop balloons here:

Fill Your Snack Table With Football Decor

No matter how big, or how small your Super Bowl party is this year, you can definitely stick to one area of the home if you’re not wanting to overwhelm yourself with football decor.

Pick an area and stick to it! Because everyone will naturally gravitate towards the food, fill in the surrounding area with mini football decor.

game day decoration ideas | ideas for super bowl party
super bowl party decorations table decorations | ideas for super bowl party

Shop The Products:

Wrap Your Beverages

Take your drinks to another level by leaving them in the bottle and wrapping them with football stickers.

To stick with the brown color, I chose root beer, but you can go with any drink you’d like here – even water bottles, or drinks with the colors of your favorite team!

super bowl decoration ideas | ideas for super bowl party
football theme decorations | ideas for super bowl party
football themed part decorations | ideas for super bowl party

Use Cake Toppers For Small Bites

Cake toppers are super cute, but they can go far beyond cupcakes and cakes. Use them for your small bites as well.

These Triscuits are topped with Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs Spreadable Cheese, followed by a halved cherub tomato. To add some height, I thought it would be a good idea to add the cake toppers to this appetizer and it turned out really nice!

football themed party ideas
football themed party for adults
super bowl party decorations | super bowl party ideas | super bowl themed products

Decorate Store-Bought Cookies

Planning a party can already be a hassle. Not only do you have to account for the decorations, but you also have to make sure there’s plenty to eat for your guests.

Instead of baking from scratch, try decorating store-bought cookies instead.

We took traditional Nutter Butter cookies, dipped them in chocolate and drew the football lines with a small tube of decorating icing.

super bowl party food ideas
easy football party food
football themed party food

We even took some Chips Ahoy! and made sandwiches filled with cream cheese icing and these were a hit!

ideas for super bowl party
super bowl food ideas

And if all else fails, throw a pack of cookies in clear jars and call it a day! It’s still decorative and guests still get to enjoy. They also double for daily use as well.

Try a simple dipping sauce to go alongside crackers and you have yourself some easy Super Bowl food ideas.

easy football party food ideas
easy football party food | super bowl dip ideas
football themed party food
easy football party appetizer

So there you have it, game day doesn’t have to be a huge hassle. As long as everyone enjoys their time together, that’s all that matters. Choose one area of the house as your focus.

football party decor ideas
diy super bowl ideas

cake stand // chalkboard // chalkboard stencils // football garland

game day party ideas

Remember, everyone will gravitate towards the food, so put the decorations there. Fill in the tiny spaces with football-themed trinkets that guest will notice as they fill their plates.

Don’t forget to use balloons! They’re so versatile, they come in plenty of colors, sizes and shapes and always steal the show.

Enjoy the big game!

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