10 Halloween Finds For Your Toddler

Halloween is quickly approaching and throughout the years, I’ve found that it’s best to be prepared sooner than later. Last year, my kids fell in love with the movie Hotel Transylvania and wanted to be monsters for Halloween ever since. Mind you, this was back in March of 2016 and they talked about vampires and witches all the way up until Halloween.

Halloween wasn’t celebrated nor favorable in my household growing up, but I always knew that someday I would embrace the day and celebrate it with my future family. Fast forward several years later…and here I am, sharing a few tips with you!

If you’re a previous reader, you know I love shopping at H&M for just about everything. When I realized they offered Halloween costumes, I was overwhelmed with joy! I particularly liked their costume selection simply because they are rather fashionable- and “ecomomical.”

My son expressed to me that he wanted to be a vampire last year and when I found this costume top at H&M, I knew it was perfect for him. I paired the top with a pair of black skinny jeans and a pair of black sneakers, from Kid’s Foot Locker to complete the look. He looked so fashionable and adorable all at the same time!

My daughter wanted to be a witch last year and I found this costume on Wal-Mart’s website- and it can also be purchased through Amazon. It was super affordable as well. I also paired it with some black flats she already had from Children’s Place. I also found an adorable onesie for your infants’ first Halloween. Boy do I remember those times!

Below are a few more finds that would make great items to bring in the occasion. Again, more items from H&M, because they have the cutest selection of just about everything!

What are you and your family dressing up as this year?
Stay tuned for more Halloween tips and trciks.

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