Top 10 Motivational Songs To Get You Through The New Year

Hello gorgeous and Happy New Year!

I am so pumped for the start of an amazing year and I hope you are too! I am stoked to be starting this new year as a blogger and the continuance of sharing my personal and professional journey with you all. I have so much in store for you all this year when it comes to blogging, homeschooling, and working from home.

I wanted to get started by sharing with a few of my favorite songs that get me pumped for the day and hopefully these same tracks will get you on your feet, as you head into a prosperous new year. So here’s a list and few explanations as to why you should add these 10 songs to your playlist this year.

1. The Greatest by Sia feat Kendrick Lamar.

Ever since discovering this amazing artist, I truly admire her message! Her album is all about empowerment and that’s exactly what we all need to start the new year off correctly!

2. Sky Walker by Miguel.

I’m a huge fan of Miguel since his first album and I continue to listen to him today. I am loving this new song as it explains the need of enjoying the moment- and becoming enlightened! Again, the perfect song for the start of the new year.

3. Bounce Back by Big Sean.

Ok, so I have to admit, I absolutely love explicit music- not all, but some. This song is for the hip hop and rap lovers, like myself. After all, it’s the New Year, so whatever trials and losses you’ve faced this past year, it’s the perfect time to BOUNCE BACK!

Do you ever feel like life is going so smooth and then, BOOM- you hit a wall? Then this tune is perfect for your New Year playlist! With the catchy hooks and constantly shifting beats, this song will definitely get you moving and grooving. This track is perfect for those times when you’re just needing a pick me up and something to get you out of your funk.

5. Come Thru by Drake.

Although this track is a throwback, I couldn’t leave it out! As soon as this song comes on, it just gets the best of me and I automatically start dancing and singing along- and it’s exactly what this playlist is all about! Imagine your spouse or significant other calling you and telling you to hop on into the car, because we have things to get accomplished. Imagine that person loving accomplishing their goals WITH you…

That’s sort of the vibe you get from this track. Have a listen for yourself and tell me how it made you feel…

6. Unstoppable by Sia.

This is the type of track to wake up to every morning. Every word of this track is encouraging enough to get you on track to a more productive day and gets you feeling powerful and confident! Just take a listen, this song truly speaks for itself…

7. Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe by Kendrick Lamar feat Jay Z.

This track will FOREVER be on my playlist because it’s ALWAYS relevant! Ladies, understand something, you are not for everybody and that’s okay! This track is proof that whatever someone else may be feeling or thinking about you, they have no power to steal your vibe.

8. Do Not Disturb by Drake.

“I need 40,000 people to see what I’m on!” This is so true for me when it comes to blogging. Don’t we all want to be recognized for our hard work, no matter what it is? Which is why I listen to song daily. Drake also goes into some detail about his personal relationships and how his success has made impact on them. Let me tell you, I’m nowhere near Drake’s success, but he spits some true lyrics about how the people closest to you can try to bring you down in the midst of your success!

9. Hymn by Kesha.

Kesha explains how she knows she’s perfect, although she may “fucked up” at the same time and who couldn’t relate to that? This track is all about being TRUE to YOURSELF and seriously not giving two fucks about what anyone else has to say about you. So take it from me and Kesha, go into this year being unapologetic about who you truly are!

10. Congratulations by Post Malone.

Congratulations ladies! You made it to a New Year and may this be the best year yet! This track by Post Malone definitely resonates with anyone who is on their path of success. When I hear this track, I automatically envision myself reaching the top of my field- and it will do the same for you!

Any song that gets you on your feet is a GREAT to include on your playlist and these are a few that will definitely do just that. This list is full of commendable and upbeat tracks to get you excited about this New Year and get you in full gear to rock it out in whatever you put your mind to!

I hope this playlist helps, leave your thought below!

xo, Ecomomical

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