32 Halloween Treat Ideas

Halloween is such an exciting time of year and plenty of people spend their year preparing for it. You can’t have a successful Halloween party without the Halloween-themed treats to go along with it. Here are a few ideas that you can your family can make together for your next party.

Candy Bark:

candy corn oreo bark
Halloween Ghost Chocolate Bark: DIY Halloween Candy
halloween bark
spooky easy Halloween Kit Kats

Rice Krispie Treats:

Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats- Super fun Halloween snack or treat. Perfect for parties.
Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats recipe

Pudding & Jello:

Graveyard Pudding Cups
Candy Corn Jello - Super fun and easy Jell-O dessert for fall and Halloween treat.
Halloween Orange Scream Pudding Cup Recipe Idea. Love this Halloween pudding cup idea and the pudding is amazing! The orange and black pudding cup is perfect for a halloween treat idea too!

Brownies & Fudge Recipes:

Easy Candy Corn Fudge
These Halloween Brownie Bites are the perfect dessert to take to your child's Halloween party! Just a little spooky and so cute, this dessert recipe is also easy to make!
PEEPS Ghost Brownies Recipe 1
Too cute to spook, this easy meringue ghosts recipe will be a hit with kids and adults alike at Halloween parties. Learn how simple it is to make them here!
Debbies & Donuts

Halloween Twinkie Mummies - Super fun and easy Halloween party or treat idea.
Frankenstein Twinkies
Halloween Monster Treats
Easy Eyeball Donuts
Vampire Halloween Donuts
Other Delicious Treat Ideas:
A fun Halloween Treat or perfect for a Monster's Inc. movie night! This simple Monster Marshmallow Pops Recipe will make the kids scream!
Ultimate Reese's Peanut Butter Cereal Squares 3
perfect for your halloween events these edible worms are the perfect shade to creep peopleout - recipe and video tutorial
These Candy Corn Yogurt Pops are an easy, delicious way to get your fix of one of the best kinds of Halloween treats! These ice pops taste like desserts but are actually healthy, and are an easy recipe to enjoy- no baking required!
slime popcorn - a halloween treat
Spooky Halloween Popcorn
popcorn balls tagged
These Halloween treats are sure to get your party guests excited! Make a day out of it and get the kids involved in the process. Have them help you make these fun treats and they can even help you set up for the party. Or wrap some of them into a plastic bag and send them with your kids to school! 

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