The Cutest Baby Halloween Costumes

Welcoming your new bundle of joy into the world is such a joyous occasion. As a mom, we all look forward to dressing our babies for and any occasion, Halloween being one of them!

The only thing cuter than the baby itself, is the baby in a Halloween costume! There’s no limits as to how much fun you can have dressing your baby for Halloween and introducing them to their first costume.

baby halloween costumes | newborn halloween costumes

You can coordinate their costume with yours, or go for the cute Halloween costumes like lions, pumpkins and unicorns that you always navigate towards during your shopping trips. I know I can’t be the only one who does this – even before my youngest child.

Go for your favorite storybook or movie characters, your favorite animals, or even a little spooky like a baby vampire or ghost. The options are endless and no matter what you choose to dress baby in, they’ll turn out adorable.

Here are a few things you want to consider before buying your newborn Halloween costume:

Go for comfort. All costumes may be cute, but they may not be made equal in comfort. Choose softer fabrics to avoid irritating baby’s skin. You also want to avoid anything that’s too tight for baby around the face, arms, legs and hands.

Consider diaper changes. This is a baby we’re talking about, so you want to make sure you have easy access to the diaper area. Look for costumes that have the snaps at the bottom versus slipping baby into a costume without them.

Check the weather. Plan your activities accordingly and be sure to check the weather. You don’t want baby too hot, or too cold while out and about. Always consider bringing a layer with you and extra blankets.

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Now that we have those covered, here are some of the cutest baby Halloween costumes.

Newborn Halloween Costumes For Girls

There are really no rules when it comes to gender and costumes, but some ideas come to mind when we think of baby Halloween costumes for girls.

Instantly, some of us start associate girls costumes with characters like Cinderella and Belle from Disney. We may even want to dress them in something cute and mighty like Wonder Woman, or even Spider Girl. What’s even cuter? A little old lady costume.

Here are a few options below:

Newborn Halloween Costumes For Boys

Again, no definite rules here, but we can’t help to think about or favorite superheroes and cuddly animals.

Options below include costumes that can be worn for baby girls also, I just wanted to make sure I didn’t leave any out.

Newborn Pumpkin Costumes:

Baby can celebrate as the cutest pumpkin in the patch with these pumpkin Halloween costumes starting at 0 months in size. These costumes come complete with a headpiece and bodysuit that makes layering with comfy long-sleeve onesies and pants super easy.

Infant Dinosaur Costume:

Baby will be the cutest roarer with these infant dinosaur costumes. Below you will find options that soft, comfortable, and lightweight. Costumes start at sizes 0-6 months old and include a jumpsuit. Be sure to check the description for each product. You may need to purchase an extra onesie and/or leggings or pants.

Infant Lion Costume:

Baby can roar right into Halloween with a cute lion costume. A few of the options include a five-piece costume complete with a lion hat, a lion suit, booties and toy zebra. I honestly thought the toy zebra was a hilarious idea, being that baby will just try to eat it. Get it? Sizes start at 0 to 6 months.

Baby Cow Costume:

Stand out in any herd with these wonderful baby cow costumes. Options include a velour jumpsuit with an attached tail in the back, snaps along the inseams for diaper access and fully enclosed hoof-shaped footies.

Minnie Mouse Infant Costume:

Minne Mouse is a classic character and there are tons of costumes to choose from! You can’t go wrong with the Disney classic that includes Minnie’s signature polka-dot dress, plush shoes covers, gloves and or course, her adorable ears!

Thinking about baby in a headband? The headband from Pottery Barn includes a Velcro strap to keep the headband secure and also the gloves.

Baby Bumble Bee Costume:

Baby can be the cutest little stinger this Halloween with these baby bumblebee costume options. Sizes start at 0 months and include a three-piece design complete with headpiece, wings and bodysuit with snaps at the seam for easy diaper access. You may want to consider booties and black, or striped pants to pair with this costume.

Shop pants and leggings below:

Shop booties here:

Winnie The Pooh Infant Costume:

Baby will be sweeter than a jar of honey with these Winnie the Pooh costumes for babies. Costumes come complete with a plush jumpsuit that includes Winnie’ red shirt and bear costume. Socks and booties may need to be purchased separately.

Infant Harry Potter Costume:

Take a trip to Hogwarts with these Gryffindor costume options for baby. Costumes include a detachable hooded black cape with a front clip closure from the collar to the waist for easy on and off accessibility.

Cute Little Chicken Costume:

Dress baby up as the cutest little chick around with these baby chicken costumes. Options include a tunic, pants, hood and booties. Sizes start at 0 months.

Baby Bat Costume:

Get into the Halloween spirit with these baby bat costumes for baby. Who knew being a bat could be so cute, instead of scary? Options include a warm and cozy hooded bodysuit with detachable wings and snaps for easy diaper change and skid resistant feet.

Infant Cat Costume:

Purr into Halloween with these kitten costumes for babies. If you have a love for cats, you’ll love these choices below. From black cats to cuddly gray cats and the most famous cat of all – Dr. Seuss, baby will be ready for extra snuggles and cuddles with the costumes below. Options include a one-piece bodysuit with skid-resistant feet and snaps along the seams for diaper access.

Infant Monkey Costume:

Your little one will be the cutest monkeyin’ around in these plush monkey jumpsuits with attached booties, a matching plush hood and some even include a banana rattle. Can we say CUTE?

Cute Ladybug Costume:

Ladybugs are said to bring good luck. Why not have the luckiest costume of all by dressing baby in a cute ladybug costume?

All in all, whatever you decide to buy for your baby, I’m almost certain it will turn out to be the cutest costume of all. Need more ideas for family fun for fall? Check out this family fall bucket list and start checking things off when you get the chance. You can put baby’s first costume to good use during your next trip to your nearest pumpkin patch.

Whatever you do, be safe and enjoy! Happy Halloween!

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