35 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes | Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

It’s a time for family and to give thanks, but let’s face it – Thanksgiving is all about the delicious food! Sure spending time with family is nice, but we all look forward to the actual meal and the variety of foods we get to indulge in. But the big question is, what do we do what all of that food that’s left over?

Personally, I can eat the same meal a day or two later, but after that I’m pretty much done with the Thanksgiving meal ordeal. I know so many people who feel the same way! There’s no need to throw it all away and wish you hadn’t a week later. After all, that’s just money down the drain and your precious time preparing food out of the window – and completely opposite of being ecomomical (see what I did there, ha).
So here’s a breakdown of 35 Thanksgiving leftover recipes that you can whip up in 30 minutes or less, with ingredients you already have in your refrigerator (or counter, or oven, or wherever you have room to store your leftovers). Your entire family will love you and won’t even notice it’s the same foods prepared a different way. It’s a surefire way to keep the creative vibes flowing throughout the holidays and more time around the table with family and friends!


1. Simple Crock Pot Turkey Noodle SoupMerry About Town
2. Leftover Instant Pot Turkey SoupWondermom Wannabe
4. Easy Leftover Turkey SoupSalt & Lavender
5. Leftover Turkey & Wild Rice SoupEarth Food & Fire
6. Creamy Chicken Soup With Egg NoodlesDelicious On A Dime
7. Gluten-Free Ham Cheddar ChowderMy Gluten-Free Kitchen
9. Creamy Turkey & Wild Rice SoupAshlee Marie: Let’s Make Some Awesome


2. Mini Turkey SlidersSavvy Saving Couple
3. Turkey Croque Monsieur or Croque MadameThe Flavor Blender
5. Turkey TurnoversAnn’s Entitled Life
7. Turkey Cream Cheese Roll UpsAileen Cooks

Pasta & Casseroles:

3. Turkey Noodle CasseroleWondermom Wannabe
4. Easy Creamy Leftover Turkey PastaSalt & Lavender 
5. Cheesy Turkey Noodle CasseroleTaste & See


1. Instant Pot Turkey Chili Wondermom Wannabe 
2. Whit Turkey Chili In Instant PotMerry About Town


1. Leftover Mashed Potato PancakesRecipes From A Pantry
2. Crispy Parmesan Potato CakesAnn’s Entitled Life
3. Leftover Turkey Shepherd’s PieDelicious On A Dime 
4. Loaded Mashed Potato CakesCincy Shopper 
5. Cheesy Mashed Potato Cakes – Little Sunny Kitchen

More Entrees:

1. Leftover Turkey & Pear PizzaHome Cooking Memories
2. Leftover Turkey Soup With NoodlesThe Cook Report
3. Quick & Easy Leftover Turkey CurryThe Cook Report
4. Crispy Turkey NachosNicky’s Kitchen Sanctuary
5. Easy Winter SaladDelicious On A Dime
6. Leftover Turkey Mushroom & Pancetta RisottoNicky’s Kitchen Sanctuary

No more getting stuck on what to do with your leftover Thanksgiving food. With over 35 Thanksgiving leftover recipes and ideas to choose from, you can enjoy your turkey for days (or even weeks)! 35 meals is an entire month of more enjoyment. Happy holidays!


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