Christmas Gift Alternatives The Entire Family Will Enjoy

The holidays are a great time to gather around and enjoy what matters most – quality time with your loved ones. Somehow, we all tend to get caught up in a frenzy and like to trick ourselves into playing the comparison game, when we can’t live up to those ‘big’ celebrations that are always being advertised.

Sometimes, it just can’t happen. Maybe you have bigger financial goals coming up this year; like saving for a house. Or maybe, you’re just one of the few that believes the holidays are truly about more than gifts and you would rather spend your money making experiences, rather than on material things. Whatever the reason, it’s nothing to be ashamed of and there are plenty of Christmas gift alternatives that are sure to get the entire family in the holiday spirit! 

Binge Watch Christmas Movies

Who doesn’t love an entire day of Christmas movies? There’s so many that have accumulated over time. You can pick your favorite for the kids and your kids can pick their favorites for you. Snuggle up in your favorite pajamas, grab a few blankets and watch away! 

Bake Christmas Cookies

Along with watching movies all day, you can take a break to bake Christmas cookies. Or even build a gingerbread house that you decide to eat after dinner. 

Cook An Entire Christmas Meal With The Family

Cooking is always fun and most of the times, it goes by faster when you have some help. Gather your ingredients for your favorite meal and have the entire family pitch in. Maybe older kids can be responsible for their own dish, while the younger kids help mix and measure. You can even go as far as letting the kids hunt for the ingredients while you’re in the store. 

Make A Craft

There are lots of crafts on the internet that you can use as inspiration for your holiday project. Along with cooking and watching movies, you can make an entire day out of Christmas-themed activities and before you know it, no one will be looking for gifts with all of the experiences they’ve had. 

Take A Family Vacation

Instead of spending on things, gift your family an experience they’ll never forget. There are so many special places to visit during Christmas time that will give your family the experience of a lifetime and have them appreciative for it for years to come. 

Go See Christmas Lights

Take a walk around your neighborhood, or drive/walk through the city, or your local park and view the beautiful lights. Places like city parks, museums, city streets all display lights and they’re truly a sight to see. Some public places charge a fee to view the lights, while others are just as exciting to view, without the fees.

Attend A Play

What better way to celebrate than to watch a live play? You can go all out and buy tickets to a fancy show, or search online for plays held at smaller venues like churches, parks, smaller theaters and recreation centers.

Purchase A Family Membership

This is my all-time favorite! Instead of spending money on something the kids may, or may not play with for months to come – I love gifting them memberships to our favorite places like the children’s museums, the zoo, etc. For the price of one visit, you can purchase a membership and you and your family can attend that special place, anytime you want for the next year – for free! 

Donate To Charity

Instead of receiving gifts, how about you give the gift of giving and donate unused items to a local charity. This can be so much fun for the entire family. Try making it a game by giving your kids a few days before Christmas to find the items. Have a wrapping party and finally, drop the clothes off at your local charity. 

Make Christmas Coupons

Instead of feeling as if you have to give NOW, how about give later. Create some super fun coupons for the kids, your friends and your family members, offering your services – like cleaning the kitchen, or the bathroom, or yard work, or taking out the trash. 
With all of these ideas for Christmas gift alternatives, you can definitely enjoy your Christmas break, gift-free or alternating these ideas around – saving you time and money. That’s the entire purpose of Being Ecomomical. Happy Holidays and enjoy! 

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