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Here are some fun, festive activities for the family! Print these ahead if you’re going to be on the road for the holidays, with lots of time spent in the car, waiting in traffic, waiting on rides/shows and in restaurants. The kids will stay busy learning, while also giving them a break from screen-time.

christmas worksheets pdf

Are you planning a Christmas Dinner or get-together? These Christmas activities for kids are perfect to help keep the little ones happily entertained while you’re busy with last-minute preparations! Print one out for each child, or have them work together on one pack.

Create a special table or area for the kids to work on their activity sheets. Provide pencils, markers, crayons, paper, and perhaps some healthy pre-dinner appetizers. The kids will be occupied at their own special holiday center, while the grownups have a chance to catch up and socialize. This Christmas activity pack serves as the perfect Christmas entertainment for kids.

The coloring sheet features a cheery Christmas Bear surrounded by Christmas trees and a big wrapped present! Use brightly colored markers, crayons, or colored pencils to bring this scene to life! 

The Holiday Word Search can be enjoyed by kids and adults. Who doesn’t love a word search? Even though they’re playing, word searches help children with spelling and vocabulary skills. 

things to do with kids for christmas

Kids can search for the first letter of their name and birth month to come up with a “Snowman Name”.  “Hello, I’m Wink McFrosty, what’s your snowman name?” Let everyone find his or her “Snowman Name” for the evening! This is sure to bring on much joy and laughter.

christmas projects for preschoolers

Each gingerbread cookie has lots of details. Find the match for each one! Matching is an important early childhood math skill that helps in the classification of objects. Identifying the same or similar objects based on their common properties is important in early learning.

christmas coloring pages

You can easily print these Christmas worksheets in PDF format by clicking the “Download Now” link, saving the packet to your device and printing from there.

chrismtas coloring pages pdf

From my family to yours, Happy Holidays! 

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