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Industrial Coffee Tables For Every Budget

Industrial Coffee Tables For Every Budget

The living room is one of the most important rooms in your home. This is where everyone in the household will gather to kick back and relax. Or, maybe a special place for entertaining family and friends, to complete schoolwork and so much more.

Insert the coffee table. After making yourself comfortable, you’ll want and need a space for your morning coffee, your remote, magazines and books and sometimes, a place to prop your feet.

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Over the years, coffee tables have gotten more and more affordable and stylish. These must have industrial-styled coffee tables are perfect for your living room ideas on a budget, your home office and beyond!


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Industrial styled furniture is a growing trend and can be styled in many ways. Most of the industrial-styled furniture is made up of wooden and metal elements, giving your space a more clean, yet rustic feel.

This style can also be as basic as you’d like, or as glam as you’d like. You can opt for your favorite books to be put on top, or you can dress these industrial-styled coffee tables up with a mirrored accent tray and flowers, or gold accents for a more glam look.

However you decide to style them, you can’t go wrong – as these industrial coffee tables are perfect for versatility and won’t break the bank!


If you’re wanting to walk into a showroom every evening after work, or every morning when you wake up, there are plenty of ways to style a coffee table and still have your living room functional.

You can simply spruce your table up with a serving tray, a stack of your favorite books or magazines and even a tall plant or succulents. Faux plants can also do wonders and always make the room more stunning when you walk into it. Your serving tray can even be a place for your remote, your reading glasses and other trinkets, so you don’t misplace them all over the house.

Candles can add a nice touch for later in the evenings. These candles, whether LED or wax, can also be placed on top of your serving tray. Don’t forget some decorative coasters for your drinking glasses and coffee mugs.

And there you have it, a few of the most gorgeous and affordable industrial coffee tables. Don’t forget your area rugs, throw pillows and side tables to complete your living room setup.


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Industrial Coffee Tables For Every Budget

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