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How To Maximize Your Small Apartment Space

You may find decorating your home can be a strenuous task, especially when it comes to small spaces, but what if there were actual steps you could take to make it easier? Below are a few easy tips on how to maximize your small apartment space and still reap the benefits of feeling as if you’re in a larger space. 

Measure Your Space

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it really helps to measure the space available to you. This way, you can shop knowing what furniture and decor pieces may be too big, too small, or way too much. Measuring your small space could also save you some disappointment for later down the road as well. 

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Knowing exactly what you’re in for always helps when it comes to your expectations. There’s nothing worse than having your eyes set on a couch that won’t fit because it’s too long, or too wide. Instead, by knowing what measurements you need, you can set your heart out for pieces you’ll love and will also fit into your space. 

Choose Multifunctional Furniture

This is a big one! You can maximize your small apartment space by choosing furniture that serves multiple purposes. Instead of a traditional couch, go for a futon that converts into a bed at the end of a long day. Or, try a sectional with storage underneath. You could also go for ottomans that include storage, or even coffee tables.

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There are so many pieces of furniture that can double, or even triple the space you already have. 

Plus, you can lease- to-own the furniture you need from Aaron’s. Aaron’s is a great rent to own option that allows you to make affordable, flexible payments that work with your budget.

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Once all of your payments are made, you own the furniture and it’s yours to keep. Aaron’s delivery and set up are always FREE and a lifetime reinstatement is included. You can use code: TORCHE to get started

Use Mirrors

You can create the illusion of a bigger space with mirrors. Mirrors are an elegant way to make your space seem larger, while also giving you a glamorous feel to your space. For starters, try your entryway, your hallway and one in your bedroom. 

Go For A Light Paint Color

White is best for making a space feel larger, but if you’re like me and love color, try an accent wall for your burst of colors and patterns. White always makes a space brighter and seemingly larger. 

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Hang Your Wall Art Higher

This is an easy trick to make your walls and ceilings seem taller. If you love artwork and wall decor, try hanging your pieces a few inches above eye-level to pull of this trick. 

Underbed Storage

When you think about it, your bed takes up so much space. So why not maximize the space underneath the bed? Try under bed storage containers to store your clothing, shoes, books, etc. Or, opt for a bed that already includes storage. 

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Aaron’s is a great place to score a high-quality, name-brand bed that includes storage. You can also find deals on futons, sofas with added storage, ottomans and more to fill your small space for a fraction of the price. Use code: TORCHE for a $0 starting offer. No credit is needed, approvals are instant, delivery and set up are always FREE and once payments are made, the products are yours to keep forever. 

how to maximize your small space

Get started furnishing and maximizing your small space today!

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