Celebrating Halloween At Home With Dollar General

**This post was sponsored by Dollar General. However, all opinions are my own.**

Celebrations may look different this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this time with your family and create wonderful memories together. That’s where planning an epic Halloween party at home comes in – and we’re here to help you get started! 

Now is the perfect time to grab your Halloween candy, Halloween decor and Halloween party must-haves from your local Dollar General.

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halloween party decorations

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Staying in can be so magical if you plan it correctly. Celebrating Halloween at home can create so many heart-warming memories for you and your family.

halloween party ideas for kids

halloween games for kids

Get all dressed up in your favorite costumes, set up a simple candy buffet – complete with candy, treats and buckets – enjoy family game night, or pop in your favorite spooky movie! 

Dollar General makes it super easy to save on all of your Halloween party must-haves and is truly a one-stop-shop for everything you’ll need – including costumes! Before you head into your store, download the DG App and clip your DG digital coupons to save even more, including $5 off $25 every Saturday. There are also special coupons for name-brand candy favorites like Hershey’s and Reese’s.

Creating a budget is always a great first step to consider when planning a party. This way, you can make sure you don’t overspend. Or, spend on your absolute favorites, while saving on the rest. 

Create a list of all of your must-haves for your stay-at-home Halloween party. This can be as simple as tablecloths for your surfaces (think buffet table, coffee table, or kitchen table), cups, napkins, and bowls. At Dollar General, you can grab these for as little as $1. All of their Halloween party supplies are nicely decorated and help add to the Halloween theme at very little cost. This leaves so much room in the budget for even more Halloween party decor.

Dollar General has plenty of unique and tasteful decor for the occasion at unbeatable prices! You can find pieces to fill in the gaps on your party buffet table and around the home. Wow your guests wherever they decide to lounge and be sure to have treats in every area.

I went as far as creating a Halloween-themed bouquet, complete with the witch’s leg sticking out. These decor pieces were truly breath-taking when I spotted them at my Dollar General store.  They even have a nice selection of beer and wine for the adults, which made family game night even more fun! 

adult halloween party ideas

halloween party ideas for adults

I even had enough in the budget to decorate our coffee table. The black and silver ribbon, with the bowl of pumpkins and pine cones, really gave the living room a well-decorated look, without going overboard. This set a nice ambiance for our Halloween crafts and family game night. 

halloween party food

halloween party themes

halloween at home

Now at Dollar General, you can find specially marked Halloween-themed candy and snacks to fill your buffet table. Let the kids grab and go as they please, while you enjoy a night of family games and/or movies – both of which can be found at Dollar General, also. 

All of this and more to create a special night of fun for Halloween for your and your family, now at your local Dollar General!

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