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Tips On How To Decorate Your Home On A Tight Budget

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When it comes to adding the cost of new furniture and new home decor, the final cost doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Despite what many may believe – having a fully functional, fully decorated home can be done on a tight budget.

home decorating ideas on a budget

There are a few affordable ways to spruce up your living space to your liking with new, simple home decor.

Create An Accent Wall

The easiest way to spruce up your home decor would be to buy a small can of paint and cover your walls with your favorite color. You can even invest in some inexpensive wallpaper to do the trick!

Add An Accent Rug

Rugs come in many shapes and sizes and can be found at really inexpensive prices if you look hard enough. 

how to decorate on a tight budget

Compliment Surfaces With A Lamp

Lamps can be found at super affordable prices and make the perfect accent decor. Lamps can be placed on your entryway table, on your bedroom side tables and even your dining room buffet table for an added touch of glam. You can even have fun and switch up the lamp shades throughout the year!

Add House Plants

House plants are not only great for adding some flair to your home decor, they also have great health benefits. You can even add a potted herb garden. 

budget to decorate your home

Try Leasing The Furniture You Need

From furniture, to appliances to even decor pieces – Aaron’s is a great rent to own option that allows you to make affordable, flexible payments that work with your budget. Once all of your payments are made, you own it. Plus, Aaron’s delivery and set up are always FREE when you’re leasing from Aaron’s. 

decorating small spaces on a bduget

That new rug you’re wanting – try Aaron’s. Or maybe it’s a new coffee or dining table – try Aaron’s. Plus, when you use code: TORCHE, $0 gets you started at Aarons.com, or in your local store – just be sure to tell your associate when you apply.

Some of the wonderful benefits of renting to own with Aaron’s are:

No credit needed.

Instant online approvals.

No hidden fees!

FREE delivery and set up.

Curbside service.

Service and repair included.

Lease until you own it. Once all payments are made, the products are yours to keep forever.

Lifetime reinstatement.

No matter your budget, you can easily beautify your home by prioritizing what matters to you most.

Start with your bigger decor – this includes all of your furniture and work your way to smaller pieces i.e plants, lamps, rugs, etc.

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Then, if you still find yourself wanting, or needing more pieces to add to your home, give Aarons.com a try!

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