Budget Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids That Aren’t Candy

Easter is known for its special baskets, treats and sweets of all sorts, but as a parent, you start to realize that although those chocolate bunnies and jellybeans seem appeasing, maybe sending the kids on a sugar rush every holiday isn’t a good idea.

Sure, they can run the sweets off during the long-awaited Easter Egg Hunt but gifting them something they can keep for more than a few bites might actually be worth more in the long run.

After all, you can save the sweets for Easter dinner.

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Here are some budget-friendly Easter basket stuffers for kids that aren’t candy below.

Coloring Books

Keep your little ones busy during the holidays and beyond with a simple, inexpensive coloring book for that has an emphasis on Easter and what it’s all about.

Shop Easter Coloring Books:

Personalized Easter Puzzles

Kids can also keep busy this Easter by solving their very own personalized Easter puzzles. Some personalized Easter puzzles even come complete with your child’s very own name and choice of favorite colors, making this an Easter basket gift they’ll cherish forever.

Shop Personalized Easter Puzzles:

Easter-Themed Bath Bombs

Make the following nights ahead fun and entertaining with customized Easter bath bombs. You can gift your little ones bath bombs for as low as $1 with a variety of Easter shapes like bunnies, chicks and even a half dozen decorated Easter eggs.

Shop Easter-themed Bath Bombs For Kids:

Easter-Themed LEGO Kits

Keep the kids busy this Easter with a unique gift like an Easter-themed LEGO kit. Kids can keep their builds on display or add the LEGO pieces to their collection for even more fun.

Shop Easter LEGO Kits For Kids:

Play-Doh Easter Eggs

These Play-Doh eggs come filled with four different bright colors and what’s more fun than cracking the egg and find moldable Play-Doh inside?

Shop Easter Play Doh:

Egg Sidewalk Chalk

Spark creativity with a pack of sidewalk chalk this Easter. These fun, egg-shaped chalks come in six different colors and comes in it’s very own egg carton. The rounded edges make gripping easy for all ages.

Shop Easter Sidewalk Chalk:

Peeps Plush Bunny

Peeps may get mixed reviews every year, but no one can deny the soft and cuddly feel of this Easter basket stuffer.

Shop Peeps Plush Bunny:

Bunny Ears

Easter bunny ears are perfect for Easter parties and are even cute throughout the Spring months. These headbands are a fun way to celebrate the holiday. They’re also cute and stylish.

Shop Bunny Ears:


Bubbles are a fun and inexpensive Easter basket stuffer for kids of all ages. From Easter Egg bubble wands to Easter Egg bubble bottle necklaces – kids will enjoy these gifts of bubbles.

Shop Bubbles:


Sticking to the Easter theme, egg shaped crayons make a great Easter basket stuffer. Toddlers can benefit from the egg shape designed to help their grip and older kids can simply use these crayons to let their creativity shine.

Shop Easter Crayons:

Easter Pencils

Pencils make a great basket stuffer because you can easily fill the basket with several of them and they are quite useful for crafts, writing and throughout the school year.

Shop Easter Pencils:

Easter Erasers

Along with pencils, kids can enjoy Easter-themed erasers.

Shop Easter Erasers:

Mini Paint Kit

There are tons of Easter themed paint kits that are great as Easter basket stuffers. Kids can choose from a sign that reads “Happy Easter,” or paint their very own Easter eggs. This adds so much excitement when it comes to hunting them for later.

Shop Mini Paint Kits:


Since Easter traditionally marks the beginning of Spring, it’s only right to include some Spring activities into your little one’s Easter baskets. A pair of binoculars are great as an outside activity to pass the time.

Shop Binoculars:


Sunglasses are the ultimate gift around this time of year. For some reason, kids are infatuated with sunglasses and it’s the perfect opportunity to include them into a gift basket, especially with kids spending more time outside. Kids will love their favorite characters, or something a bit more personal with their names on them.

Shop Sunglasses:

Water Bottle

Personally, my kids absolutely love their water bottles and can’t get enough of carrying them everywhere we go! I can admit it’s been something less that I have to worry about when we’re out and about, because they have their own water with them at all times.

Going with the theme of Spring and kids enjoying more outdoor activities, gifting them a new water bottle might not sound like a huge deal – but if it’s something they absolutely cherish already, they will love the thought of a new one!

Shop Water Bottles:

Watering Can

Let the little ones start helping out with the garden and plants this Spring by gifing them their very own watering can. You can even throw in a book about gardening for older kids and a few seeds of their own to start.

Shop Watering Cans:

So there you have it, Easter basket stuffers for kids that aren’t candy, but are sure to put a smile on their faces! The great part about these gift ideas for kids is that they can actually use these gifts throughout the year.

Happy Easter!

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