Simple Back To School Breakfast Inspiration

As summer comes to an end and the back-to-school season approaches, it’s the perfect time for moms to show their love and support for their little ones by hosting a delightful and memorable breakfast.

back to school breakfast inspiration

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through creating the cutest back-to-school breakfast ever, complete with charming apple table decor, pencil-filled clear jars, and a unique table runner resembling a giant ruler.

Plus, we’ll introduce Cascadian Farms cereal as a nutritious and time-saving breakfast option that will keep your kids fueled for their busy school mornings. Let’s dive in and make this back-to-school breakfast one to remember!

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Setting the Scene:

To create an inviting and festive atmosphere, start by setting the table with back-to-school-inspired elements. Begin with a tablecloth that doubles as a table runner, designed to resemble a giant ruler.

This creative touch will add a whimsical vibe to the breakfast setup. Place the ruler table runner down the center of the table and let it serve as the focal point.

Next, arrange fresh, bright red and green apples, or your family’s favorite fruits, as decorative accents. These versatile fruits symbolize the beginning of a new school year and add a pop of color to the table.

Scatter them across the runner or use them to create a centerpiece. You can even attach small handwritten notes to each apple, expressing your well wishes for the school year ahead.

Pencil-Filled Jars:

Nothing screams back-to-school more than pencils! Take small, clear glass jars and fill them with colorful pencils. In this case, we went traditional and just used these sharpened No. 2 pencils.

These can be displayed in a row down the center of the table or placed at each individual seat.

The pencils not only contribute to the overall theme but also make for a fun and functional gift for each child to take with them to school. It’s a thoughtful way to celebrate the beginning of a new academic year.

A Nutritious and Time-Saving Option Breakfast Option:

In the midst of the back-to-school rush, it’s essential to provide your kids with a nutritious breakfast that’s quick and easy. Cascadian Farms cereal is a healthy and time-saving option. Cascadian Farms offers a wide range of organic cereals made from high-quality ingredients, ensuring your kids start their day with a wholesome meal.

Cascadian Farms cereal is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, providing the fuel your little ones need to stay focused and energized throughout the day. Whether your child prefers the classic Honey Nut O’s or the crunchy Multigrain Squares, Cascadian Farms offers a variety of flavors to suit every palate.

Not only is Cascadian Farms cereal a healthy choice, but it also saves time on busy school mornings. With its convenient packaging, you can pour a bowl of cereal in a matter of seconds. No need to worry about cooking or cleaning up a mess. Cascadian Farms cereal allows you to provide a nutritious breakfast without sacrificing precious time.

Cascadian Farms also aligns with my personal value as a mom, as their products are made with organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. You can feel confident knowing you’re serving your children a breakfast that supports their health while also caring for the environment.

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Preparing a special back-to-school breakfast for your children is a wonderful way to celebrate the start of a new academic year.

By incorporating delightful apple table decor, pencil-filled jars, and a unique ruler-themed table runner, you’ll create a whimsical atmosphere that your kids will love. And with Cascadian Farms cereal as a nutritious and time-saving breakfast option, you can ensure your children start their day off right.

Remember, this back-to-school breakfast is not only about the decor and food but also about the love and care you put into it.

Your efforts will be appreciated and cherished by your children as they embark on their new school adventures. So go ahead, embrace your creativity, and make this back-to-school breakfast an unforgettable experience for everyone involved!

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